back to article Rackspace goes to Israel, picks up slick new weapon for cloud wars

Cloud operator Rackspace has hopped over to Israel and returned with a secret weapon that could give it capabilities hard to find in Amazon and Microsoft clouds. The weapon? ZeroVM, an open-source lightweight hypervisor that presents a single-threaded environment and can be spun up in as little as 5 milliseconds. It is based …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    or not?

    Seems like their code is downloadable.......I wonder if rackspace will close off development, but I'd probably wager they won't.

    1. T. F. M. Reader Silver badge

      Re: or not?

      The code in github is under Apache license and "available for fork". So Rackspace can distribute proprietary modifications without opening the source, but they cannot really "close off development" at this point, if there is enough interest.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    No Caveats to Excuse Cloud Control Failures in Systems Admin with Global Operating Devices

    One is behind the curve and trailing lead in the field, and incidentally, coincidentally in fields of future dreams for real in the virtually real, if reliant on dodgy foreign supply of questionably effective and efficient secret weapons [as be provided in spades with the caveat, Cloud operator Rackspace has hopped over to Israel and returned with a secret weapon that could give it capabilities hard to find in Amazon and Microsoft clouds., for they be deliveries of duds.

    And does one normally find secret weapons in clouds nowadays or is it also made simpler than that for all and any who be HyperRadioProActive and AIgents and Non-State Actors in the NEUKlearer Buy Market and for the SMARTR Departments and Ministries of Defence, both Homely National and Foreign International and Alien InterNetional with Effective and Efficient Offices of Cyber Security into Sublime InterNetworking and CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection Services ...... with QuITe Magical Promotions in Heavenly Offers [Vice free SIN] to be found on the ground in the Register? .............

    And the correct answer to that/those questions is an unequivocal and resounding yes/jawohl/jawel/да/oui/是/ יאָ/ sí/نعم/כן

  3. BlueGreen

    sounds like capabilities

    <>. Wouldn't it be nice to just build that directly into the OS and isolate the processes using existing, well-tested, well-understood been-around-for-half-a-century virtual memory.

    This would also be lots faster than kicking off a new VM with a 5ms overhead (ie 200 a second - that's got to be much slower than just starting up a new process).

    Reminds me of qmail's security model <>. From what I've read, qmail starts an unprivileged per-email processes so if anything gets corrupted, it lives and dies within that process; it can't escape.

  4. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Why indeed

    "Why shouldn't we do that near where the storage is, rather than pulling it across the network twice?"

    It would be nice if you could, I dunno, store a procedure somehow. Perhaps even in the base that the data sits in.

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