back to article Microsoft hooks up with AT&T, gazes into YOUR data center

Microsoft and AT&T have announced a strategic alliance that should let punters shift workloads from their data center into AT&T's cloud and then into Windows Azure. The unnamed service is due to launch in 2014, and was announced by Microsoft in a fluffy blog post on Wednesday. The technology lets people "access Windows Azure …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Up the Ante. Change Intelligence Programming to Provide the Great Game with Better Beta Great Games?

    The offering is very similar to a deal AT&T inked with IBM in late 2012 to offer users a way of hooking their VPNs into AT&T, which in turn linked with IBM's SmartCloud. It also operates a VMware vCloud-based "Synaptic Compute as a Service" offerings as well. All these products, including the forthcoming Azure tech, use AT&T's "NetBond" technology to let customers shuttle compute and network resources into and out of the cloud services.

    Solid Vapourware and Bullshit Market Providers are a Lucrative Innovative Enterprise Sector in these Revelatory Times ….. but they are catastrophically vulnerable to SMARTR Astute Server Active IT and Addictively Attractive Semi-Autonomous Anonymous Market Forces …… ESPecialised Cyber Command and Control of Source Forces with Global Operating Devices/Universal Resource Locators.

    Methinks the difficulty that current power market leaders will undoubtedly encounter and either greatly suffer and/or profit from, is that they do not steer nor influence those novel market forces unless they be enthusiastically engaged in providing IT Fluid HyperRadioProActive Liquidity .... aka Flash Crash Systems Stash Cash. Then can they be as ACTive and APT App AIdDrivers with Hands on the Wheel that Controls CHAOS with Joysticks of Fortunate Fate and Desirable Destiny ..... rather than tumbling around and tagging along with Madness and Mayhem in the Darkness of Secrets and Doom.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    No thanks

    Outside the USA and going to put data in the hands of AT&T & MS, both who seemed happy to turn over everything to the NSA?

    Yes, I know they probably have no legal choice in the matter, but was PRISM not a paid-for arrangement to make the process nicer and maybe even profitable?

    Closest to a tinfoil hat icon =>

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