back to article NASDAQ halts stock trading, citing data-feed glitch

A technical problem halted Nasdaq securities trading on Thursday, putting stocks such as Apple and Microsoft into limbo. The glitch was due to problems with the trading systems that disseminate pricing quotes, and led to a freeze in the trading of NASDAQ-backed securites at 12:14 Eastern Time. In a statement, the Securities …


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  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    In a statement, the Securities and Exchange Commission said it was monitoring the situation.

    Nov 2007: SEC: The Great Overseer Fails in Oversight of Self

    "Today it was announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had a material weakness in the internal controls over its financial reporting. The SEC avoided a big fat “E” last year via its remediation of internal control problems, but this year the SEC’s material weaknesses included control deficiencies related to its accounts receivable balances, “period-end closing process, accounting for transaction fee revenue, and preparation of financial statement disclosures.”

    Now, since the SEC implements and enforces the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley 404 (which requires management to report on its internal controls over financial reporting), how can this inept organization possibly be trusted to oversee that which it can’t manage within its own organization?

    Non-compliance with 404 has been disastrous for private companies that have had material weaknesses (massive stock declines and even bankruptcy), however, the SEC, which is not subject to market forces, has responded with this: “During fiscal year 2007, SEC improved its controls over the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the disgorgement and penalty data and used a much improved database for the initial recording and tracking of these data.” Ummm, so? This is like throwing fluff at a charging rhino.

  2. Arthur 1

    Schedule Return...

    At 2:28 pm EST (10-ish minutes ago) NASDAQ announced that they would be bringing standard equity trading back up at 3:10 pm EST. Certain symbols would come back earlier, and quotes would resume 15 minutes before trading. The options and other markets will be coming back over the 15 minutes following stocks.

  3. Mitoo Bobsworth

    What goes?

    Amazon cloud, iCloud, Google and now Nasdaq - what's with the clusterf#*k of major tech infrastructure glitches lately?

    1. Don Jefe

      Re: What goes?

      Oddly enough, I think it's a positive sign. IT spend at big organizations is going again so a lot of old kit is getting updated and projects previously put on hold are going back into play. I honestly believe it's all due to simple expansion aches and pains. Possibly the NSA, but nothing so exciting I'm guessing (but its probably the NSA :)

  4. TedZeus

    First Google, then Amazon, now NASDAQ. The NSA is everywhere!!!

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      For To Boldly Go was Never in Question

      It is a very convenient and most invaluable mistake and notion, TedZeus, to imagine that NSA is omnipresent and leading actor in sectors/vectors/protocols/programs and pogroms which challenge and exercise omniscience to deliver sublimely and anonymously, future derivatives of reality which have hedged markets options reliant upon beta virtual machine maintenance of secrecy and the non-knowledge of their and ITs virtual remote command infrastructures with absolute control methodologies ……. and AI Skeletal CodeXSSXXXX CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection of MetaDataBase Source Supply ….. AIdDefinite Visionary See which be both a Revolutionary and Evolutionary Quantum Communication Leap into Times and Spaces formerly not imagined to possibly be a Reality and AIReality and Virtual Reality for …… well, Authorised Population/Inhabitation/Colonisation would give present money makers in the doldrums with petrified intellectually challenged sub-prime marketeers, something novel to lead in with equitable investments.

      And you may like to consider, as NSA has been outed as snooping major league big time for intelligence, both domestic and foreign and alien, is the information and intelligence its analysis and analysts provide of that which they think they know they have collected, been provided practically entirely by others consciously supplying them with that which is needed to be seeded …… which then could be considered to be much more likely a special active partnership operation rather than having anything to do with a competitive phantom opposition program.

      Indeed, such as has just been freely shared there with you, is surely confirmed in the intelligence stream which is supplied in this document and informative ……. ……. and as for the active puppet master partner in the shadows, although nowadays would they be more likely to be storming tempestuous clouds? ……..

      A day later, the paper revealed details about PRISM, an NSA program that targeted the Internet communications and stored data of “non-US persons” outside the US and those communicating with them, and the extent to which US companies cooperate with the government. More leaks followed, with details about the US government spying on Chinese computers, news that the NSA and its British counterpart GCHQ had used a monitored Internet café to eavesdrop on the communications of political leaders attending the 2009 London G20 summit, that the British were themselves conducting massive intercepts of domestic communications, and that the NSA had been collecting metadata from domestic Internet communications. …..

      But there is certainly no need to worry yourself unduly about anything which is going on beyond your command and control of the Great Game, whenever the secret is to learn of it and its ways and means and memes and be welcomed into ITs Magic Inner Circles, for there be a myriad to choose from and enjoy.

  5. Tom 13

    My most important read from this event:

    People are finally making marginal progress at regaining their senses.

    I mean, the NASDAQ wasn't trading for several hours and no one panicked.

    OK, some news outlets ran panicky headlines, but there were no actual meltdowns anywhere else.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Superbly Addictive Passion. A SAP for Global Operating Devices and Virtual Machine Drivers

      People are finally making marginal progress at regaining their senses. …. Tom 13 Posted Friday 23rd August 2013 13:32 GMT

      It would be very nice to believe that such be true, Tom 13, for if things would remain much the same, is everything catastrophically vulnerable to radically destructive and/or fundamentally disruptive and creative change wrought by others who have their senses and fully informed control of the intelligence they be supplied with and phorming.

      However….. and it be no great bad thing whenever it allows one free rein to reign and to progress unhindered by ignorant and arrogant distraction …. methinks the madness and intellectual blindness is endemic and systemic and continues on apace to the increasingly rapidly approaching and quite logical inevitable endpoint of self-destructive extinction, Tom 13. Such be certainly where dodgy sub-prime systems admins are led by advanced and intelligent peers internetworking in virtual domains with absolute dominion and exclusive executive rights which exercise remote steganographic command and control of relatively new to the markets, alternative media channels.

      Words create and control worlds is not a fiction and more than just a factoid when demonstrably true for then be it also likely a grand sport and quite positive distraction should ITs religion be proclaimed and denounced heretical by all non-believers wilfully conveying others on quite similarly preposterous flights of fancy that believe in the supernatural and omniscient and devilishly cunning and clever beings from a past long ago gone and in the beginning, rather than reimagined and beta marketed from a future perfect age with novel presented spaces and great new places to discover and explore, build and enjoy at one's leisure in pleasure with treasure which be a real savvy and canny austere antidote.

      And when advised and offered freely to present levels of national and international and internetional control for global agenda command and virtual realisation of programming, what is one to think of both the responsible and non-accountable personnel, for all businesses and governments, nations and notions are personally led, should they choose to decline uptake and remote practical exercise of all available options?

      To deny the above is personnel led, would suggest that computerised machines and/or bots are leading persons of interest and/or a person of foreign intelligence interest is into leading computerised machines and/or bots which lead personnel with a Beta AI ProgramMING?

  6. btrower

    The horror

    I have seen the code for at least one trading system as well as a number of financial and telecom systems. Yikes. They are not significantly worse than the rest of corporate code, but that bar is very, very low.

    The surprise is not that it failed, but that it runs so often without (overtly) failing.

    1. Kebabbert

      Re: The horror

      What kind of trading system did you see the code for? Not the NASDAQ system? What was the name of the system?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    An issue at the UTP SIP

    Due to an issue at the UTP SIP affecting quote dissemination, NASDAQ is halting trading in all Tape C securities until further notice” Nasdaq

    UTP Trade Data Feed (UTDF) Specifications

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