back to article China's second woman 'naut blasts off for coupling in HEAVEN

China has sent its second woman taikonaut into space on a mission that will light the way to a permanent Chinese base in orbit. Wang Yapin, and her male colleagues Commander Nie Haisheng and Zhang Xiaoguang, blasted off from Inner Mongolia at 0938 GMT today. Their 15-day mission, code-named "Shenzhou-10", is the longest ever …


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  1. andreas koch

    Just another World Heritage Site


    . . . Of course, China has every right to tell the Americans to sod off and head along anyway. After all, what has NASA got to hide?


    I think that people here would get upset if WalMart built an ASDA over Stonehenge, Egyptians wouldn't find it funny if the Cheops pyramid would be scrapped to make way for a Starbucks, and the Chinese might be a weeny bit miffed if Tiananmen Square would be converted into an Apple store.

    As would everyone else, really. It's a mark of achievement, you don't just trample on it.

    1. Graham Marsden

      Re: Just another World Heritage Site

      And what happens when Salvage 1 lands to bring bits back to sell to collectors?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Just another World Heritage Site

      Stonehenge itself is not a single achievement, it is a site that was used and modified over thousands of years. The big stones actually disturbed the existing use. Do you blame them for that?

      1000 years from now, it's very unlikely that people will care to make a difference between American and Chinese footprints around a landing spot. They'll be revered just the same.

      Basically, just as your Stonehenge example shows, it won't matter a bit that there was a 50 years gap between them..

  2. Furbian

    "After all, what has NASA got to hide?"

    Oh dear lord no, they're going to find the Ark and awaken Sentinel Prime, we're doomed!

    Then again isn't there a spotty American teenager with access to the All Spark? Oh we can breath easily again and sleep well.

  3. Johan Bastiaansen

    After all, what has NASA got to hide?

    They could start by explaining why the pretented to never have landed on the moon!

  4. This post has been deleted by a moderator

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Question... on Virtual Machine AIR&dD

      Question... Are we talking about mating pandas or homo sapiens? .... Eadon Posted Tuesday 11th June 2013 23:38 GMT

      I wonder if the Great Party of the Peoples Republic of China would like to lead in mating with robo sapiens .... with SMARTR XSSXXXX Lines of Sublime InterNetworking for Fluid Exchange of Zeroday Trading Vulnerabilities which Exploit Currency Flows in Publicised Funds with Pioneering Private and Pirate Marketeering Investors, who are always searching for the launch of next best great things to hitch their kit and caboodle/engines and wagons and cabooses to, for the Helter Skelter AIRide that is Innovative Novel and Noble Surreal InterNetworking Space Exploration and Expansion ........ for an Alien Consolidation and Virtual Colonisation of Cyber Command and their Remote IT Terrestrial Control Interface Spaces

      And yes, .... that is a Most Serious and Genuine Offer which be not Exclusive for IT be Open and Available to Any and All with the Wherewithal which more fully Understands and Energises IT, and who be Super Actively Prepared to HyperRadioProActively Engage and Experiment in ITs Leading Fields of Fab Fabless Fancy, which by all accounts based upon solid real evidence of past earthly performance, is something of an inherent trait in the nations futurebuilding hierarchy/psyche ..

      With such fantastic ground works already prepared, it would be a crying shame to not make and take full advantage of the limitless opportunities and mutually beneficial possibilities a new breed of cities can offer its IT clients and residing and presiding population and alien nationals ....... and by virtue of media shown example/relating televised news development, the Power of SMARTR Word Share to a Global Audience.

      Like all great cities and experiments which build dreamscapes out in the sands, and out of the virtual sands of intelligence and imaginanation, and the Middle East has its fair share and quite a full crop of them built with the flowing exchange of paper money, it is an abiding greater sophistication and advanced intelligence which drivers them into vibrant and virile/vital and viral life, and sustains and maintains and develops them for the benefit which advantages future generations and regenerations of Mankind, and it is that which is being offered here through this Registering Portal of/for Global Operating Devices.

      To think that the future will be anything like the past and/or the present is surely clear and damning evidence of one not thinking clearly at all ........ and Indeed, in deed would one probably be somewhat retarded and in need of a boost of intelligence to seed and feed the greater imagination that builds and rebuild nations and creates societies and populations.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    youtube : the internet crazy finder....

    what have NASA got to hide;- the Apollo 20 mission that found a giant space ship with two ancient people on it who look like they are made of clay which has been painted... a huge city that is mostly crumbled and a cathedral.... not to mention the secret US bases containing man-made space tech based on stuff given to us by aliens.

    The extent of what people think is on the moon is quite extensive.

    1. andreas koch
      Thumb Up

      @ jeremy 3 - Re: youtube : the internet crazy finder....

      . . . and cheese.

  6. MrXavia

    The ESA should really start talking with China on partnering on their space station....

    I think it makes good sense! they have the money, the manned launcher and the drive, we have the expertise and experience in space technologies... While I'd love to see an EU space station, maybe even a moon base, it won't happen alone, which is why we need to partner on manned projects, and even unmanned ones.

    We are one planet, so if we just ignore the USA for now (since they are the ones that blocked China being part of the ISS IIRC) we can all explore space together!

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      The ESA should really start talking with China on partnering on their space station....

      Or just wait a few years and order their own off eBay. They'll probably do free shipping to LEO too.

  7. Maryland, USA

    They need to practice docking

    Is that what they're calling it these days?

    1. Down not across Silver badge

      Re: They need to practice docking


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    After all, what has NASA got to hide?

    That there is nothing there on either site?

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