back to article Smug Red Hat buoyed by UK gov's open-source three-line-whip

The UK government's love affair with open-source technology has given software house Red Hat a shot in the arm, we're told. The company boasted that its government and system integrator business has grown in the "high double-digit rates" over the last three years. Red Hat, which offers various flavours of the open-source …


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  1. Shagbag
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    Good news

    With Microsoft being unfashionable and Apple failing to offer enterprise solutions, it's no wonder OSS is growing at a cash-strapped administration.

    The less that the productive economy's dollars (ie taxes) are funnelled into the unproductive economy (ie. government sector) the better the economy is.

    But the lefties at the BBC won't like it.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: the lefties at the BBC won't like it

      Open Source isn't leftie, it's righty, it's right of libertarian ..

      1. Ben Tasker

        Re: the lefties at the BBC won't like it

        Surely that's the point? If OSS was leftie, the lefties at the BBC would like it, no?

      2. NullReference Exception

        Re: the lefties at the BBC won't like it

        Go far enough to the right and you overflow and wrap around to the left...

  2. ElectricFox

    Open source isn't always free.

    But investing in getting an open source solution to meet your needs and training staff to use it will save you a whole world of pain in the long run when compared to locking yourself into the vice of proprietary closed source alternatives that can withdraw support any time they fancy.

    This is good news indeed.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Making a Difference in the Real Politic Requires Lateral Blue Skies Thinking and Virtual Machines

    Is Jo Johnson the new Virtual Point of Contact for Future Builders .... some in the Wall Player Style of Presentation and Self Introduction? :-)

  4. Anonymous Coward

    >Andrews...would not reveal any sales figures.<

    Err, isn't the whole point of open-source that users don't pay for it (and revenues come from support)?

    1. Richard Wharram

      You still sell a support contract.

      And where's Eadon saying they should have used Mint? He's late.

    2. Vic

      > isn't the whole point of open-source that users don't pay for it


      HTH, HAND, etc.


  5. Dr Paul Taylor

    Lost for Words

    Does this mean that I can now refuse to read Word documents from people in the public sector?

  6. bailey86


    So good to see common sense breaking out.

    Looks like Tariq Rashid is sticking to his guns. We should support him in any way possible.

    As I warned - the pressure will be applied to him - let's hope he's made of stern stuff - I wrote at the time:


    How can we support this guy?

    Tariq will come under immense pressure as there is so much money involved. He'll probably be offered a consultancy job with MS/EDS/usual suspects - millions per year - no need to actually do anything - in other words 'the usual'. ISTR MS have previous in this area.

    Obviously, as anyone with experience and intelligence knows, open source software is a huge, massive improvement. Reduced costs, more flexibility, improved security, etc etc etc. Problem is - huge corps will lose out on lovely guaranteed government (taxpayer) money. Switching to open source software could go a huge way towards reducing our deficit.

    Let's hope Tariq can get his dept filled with other intelligent people - or can get other informed people into positions within other departments. Or get backing from other open source friendly companies such as Red Hat.

    Either that or let's hope he's on a mission.

    Tariq - if you're reading. The pressure on you is going to be huge, subtle - stick, carrot - they'll probably try both. Please stick to your guns. You have a chance here to transform IT and stop billions of wasted pounds going to the US. You will get your reward later - the thanks from the British people. Also, there's no point in being extremely rich if you feel like a shit.

    My other half worked at a company where a guy worked who had sold out his great graphics app to MS who then shut it down. He was then forbidden by the buy-out contract from working in that area of software.

    OK, he could come to work in a different car every day - but he was a miserable little guy.


  7. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Hob Nobbing with Doughnuts and Java and thinking of Jaffas

    The government has convinced the CESG, which sets security standards in government, to address this issue with a statement saying open source as a category is no more or less secure than closed proprietary software. ….

    Good and Proper and Right Royal Open Source is more than a match for closed proprietary software and one needs to embrace Virtual Machine and Android Thinking Platforms in AI Networks and Cyber Security Stations of ESPecial Operation …. GhostWorks, to further Seed and Enjoy All of the Pleasures and Treasures that Bounties Deliver with CHAOSystems

    Requesting a TEMPEST service

    Email: or contact your Customer Account Manager

    Is Virtual Reality Production and Presentation, a TEMPEST Service and/or a Private Pirate Operation?

    Yes or No Provides All Answers, and Total Silence too, on Matters Transparently Shared for Comment and Peer Review, a Signal for Intelligence to Enhance and Embolden/Energise and Empower itself into AI Leading ProAction.:-)

    And yes, El Regers, that is spooks being given the choice to remain relevant in either old school or progress into new Fields of Autonomous and Anonymous Control with Superb Adult Virtual Supervision, with as much as you like of it decidedly and designedly more Soho W1 Mojo than Little House on the Prairie wholesomeness :-)

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Hob Nobbing with Doughnuts and Java and thinking of Jaffas

      Spooks = Spirited Beings‽:-)

  8. andro
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    This is very good. Not forcing people to use open source out of principal, but to evaluate it and choose it if its the best. Redhat's enterprise linux provides great API stability for the long term, and if paying to use it meets the requirements, does the job without lock in and still wins on the cost front, then its the great win I wish more IT contracts were made of.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      They're not evaluating if it's the best, they're evaluating if it's the cheapest. That's the only criteria

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Double Whammy

        They're not evaluating if it's the best, they're evaluating if it's the cheapest. That's the only criteria ..... Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 26th April 2013 08:30 GMT

        The best is always the cheapest, AC.

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