back to article Dotcom plans Mega IPO as case grinds on

As a New Zealand court takes evidence so secret even Kim Dotcom's lawyers are barred from attending, the Megaupload founder has taken to Twitter to tout plans to take his latest venture public. As Bloomberg reports, the company's apparent IPO plans first emerged via a job ad for a CFO. The ad, posted at New Zealand's TradeMe …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How can any trial claim to be fair if the accused defence team aren't allowed to know what evidence is being used to try their client?

    I would have thought the Kiwis wouldn't want to be seen dead, hosting a kangaroo court.

    1. David Hicks

      Re: WTF?

      That really stuck out for me as well. It's sick enough when the British government have closed sessions and evidence the defendent can't see in terrorism cases, but for copyright infringment? What The Actual F*ck?

      1. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge

        Re: WTF?

        This is definitely a misuse of the closed-hearing. It is not something that should be done in a country claiming to value the rule of law. This is a case of alleged copyright infringement, not one involving the risk of people's lives, the outing of intelligence agents, or military secrets. I really cannot work out WTF the NZ court is playing at ... is someone worried Hollywood won't film any more Tolkein adaptations there if they don't toe the US line?

  2. JassMan Silver badge

    Welcome to the new order

    The same is happening all over the deevelopped world. <sarcasm>Obviously if you have done nothing wrong you have no need to fear that you will be falsely imprisoned on evidence that you can't contest. </sarcasm>

    We in the west no longer have the moral high ground in terms of human rights.

    1. Rippy

      Re: Welcome to the new order

      > We in the west no longer have the moral high ground in terms of human rights.

      Ok, I'll bite. Who does?

      1. Don Jefe

        Re: Welcome to the new order

        The aliens have a pretty good record (buggered hillbillies notwithstanding). They continue to let us live...

        1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

          In New Orderly Worlds, do New World Orders Control ICT and InterNetworking Message OS Systems ....

          ..... in Novel and Noble Advanced IntelAIgent Transparencies ...... with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Picture Shows in SMARTR Media Programming Projects Specifically Designed and Able to Enable MkUltraSensitive Rendition of Virtual Realities in Newly Ordered World ProgramMING, for in New Orderly Worlds, do New World Orders Control ICT and all of the above and aforementioned, with all of the above and aforementioned

          It is totally illogical, and if one believes in progress and accepts evolution as a natural paradigm which delivers changed circumstances and subsequent altered realities, perversely unnatural and decidedly corrupt to expect and plan for anything to remain even remotely the same as before. Fundamental and radical change is the norm of reality and life, although such may be to the primitive closed mind, an alien concept for enlightening discovery and sublime recovery from institutionalised group thinking and former phorms of brain-washing ..... Sublime Autonomous Programming for Systems, Applications and Products.

          Step One in any Programming Change is .... Recognise and Identify with the Problem. Call a Spade, a Spade. And In New Orderly World ProgramMING is that fundamentally sound SpAdfare ........ IntelAIgentsware

          Posted by amanfromMars on 03/06/13 12:06 PM … on

          David Cameron, joint Prime Minister and glorious leader of the Conservative Party in UKGBNI, has a serious problem in not being able to give a straight and direct answer to the questions posed to him on the floor of chamber in the House of Commons during today's Prime Minister's Questions pantomime, that supposed revered bastion of Parliamentary democracy, on the capping of bankers' bonuses at 100pc of salary, or a maximum 200pc after agreement with shareholders, from January 2014, as agreed by 26 of the 27 EU finance ministers. ......

          He appears to be thinking, for one has to read between the lines of the nonsense he spouts, because he's certainly terrified of saying anything meaningful which can be acted upon, that things are going to be business as usual in the future and how crazy delusional and dangerously naive is that. And how very strange that it appears all so natural to him and the Cabinet ...... to think that all do not see that he leads in nothing and delivers even less worthwhile.

          Remind me again who it was who said ..... "Party Politics, a third rate soap opera for ugly actors and crazy fools with their hands in everyone else's pockets spending their money in order to trap them with a ponzi power which controls them in and with debt, which is oft disguised and called credit too to kickstart new collapsing debt cycles, for the great stupid game all over again "

          Welcome to the new order, same as the old new world order? In your dreams, bubba.

          And whenever you are informed that political leaderships are fully aware of the virtually free availability of such ICT Control Programming for New Orderly Worlds, would their silence on the matter be of legitimate valid concern to y'all, or just something you would fully expect and accept for ignorance to do battle and try reign and rule with arrogant disdain of smarter intelligence and SMARTR IntelAIgent Services?

          Methinks any PMQ denial of any knowledge on the subject, because of all of the above and aforementioned, would be tantamount to an international admission of being totally unfit for future leadership purpose, with a guilt also proven that the House was misled and misinformed.

          It never rains but it pours in a world full of pain, which appears to be what Dave plans for, and therefore would thoroughly personally deserves .... or by way of a feeble and no longer valid excuse, does ignorance lead the way he follows? ......

      2. David Hicks

        Re: Welcome to the new order

        Ok, I'll bite. Who does?

        Well, nobody ... ? Isn't that kinda the point? That we need to sort our own house out before preaching too loudly to the rest of the world.

      3. JassMan Silver badge

        @ Rippy Re: Welcome to the new order

        I think many would that UK and other countries with common law were reasonably "just" and had little corruption, with a reasonably good record on human rights. Sadly this is no longer the case.

  3. Dennis Wilson


    With the judge discussing trial matters with the prosecution in secret, a discussion in which the defence is barred, I have a sneaky idea I know what the verdict is going to be.............

  4. Scrumble

    Copyright my arse

    Isn't this supposed to be a case of copyright infringement? What evidence can their possibly be that is important to national security, unless the entire US battleplan for the war againts terrorism (the plan to continue with total slaughter until everyone's dead except President Obama, Mrs Obama and their tortoise, Alan) was put onto Megaupload.

    There is absolutely nothing in a copyright case that warrants a secret hearing.

    1. JassMan Silver badge

      Re: Copyright my arse

      Except that if any of the "secret" evidence becomes public it will show that it came from FBI, CIA and other agencies who should only be involved in crimes against the state. The reality is that the US state is owned by the global corporations and the the people who live there.

  5. Lghost

    logged in to upvote amanfromMars 1

    I missed your post on 03/06/13 12:06 PM..

    much are many of yours :)

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