back to article RSA roundup: Big trouble in not-so little China

This year's RSA conference is winding down. The expo hall is closed, most presentations are getting only sparse audiences, and there's only the jokey keynotes left to run this Friday afternoon. Once again Dr. Hugh Thompson (a man described by one delegate as "irrepressibly perky and with a face made for punching") is doing his …


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  1. Donald Becker
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    Booth babes

    I was about to report that I didn't agree with the booth babes comment, then I recalled having stopped, actually stopped, trying not to stare at a black leather thing that couldn't quite qualify as a mini-skirt.

    But overall there were relatively few booth staff people that looked as if they were out of place for a tech show. I enjoy an occasional booth babe, and they serve as a quick indication of the company's technical depth.

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Who let the dogs out?

    > Bill Clinton. Tony Blair. La Condi. Le Chertoff.

    I thought this was the RSA conference, not the Fletcher Memorial Home? How are those Middle Eastern Birth Pangs coming, Condi?

    > Dr. Hugh Thompson


    1. Irk
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      Re: Who let the dogs out?

      The Final Cut reference is much appreciated.

  3. url

    Narus ... new ... shirley knot.

    But they are releasing version 3.0, doesn't that suggest they have been around for at least as long as version 1.0 & 2.0.

    Wasn't Narus implicated in the AT&T splitter room in some capacity, if thy were then that put Narus as active in 2006.

    1. youlose

      Re: Narus ... new ... shirley knot.

      Yep... THat is where I remember that name from the AT&T spying and the splitter room in San Francisco. I think its was a Narus ST-6400. a quick google on the term Narus AT&T should bring it right up.

  4. jake Silver badge

    Not sure how I missed ths ... Spring planting, probably.

    "reformed ex-hacker Frank Abagnale"

    Frank's a good, old fashioned con-artist. Not a hacker. He knows absolutely nothing about technology, TTBOMK.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Some IntelAIgent Services be Seriously Smarter than Others and Actively Pioneer Theatre Operations

    Follow the money as intelligence does, to take over the supply of money with the provision of intelligence which discovers and uncovers, and may even ruthlessly exploit what IT finds out about that which and those who don't have a clue about what should be done and what they should now do, and would therefore be doing everything wrong and painting a sub-prime picture for Politically Inept Media Presentation. ..... PIMPing.

    But fear not the FUD crud you be fed, for there are other than just pathetic dark forces at work in the fields which create your realities and be exposed to you in comments made and shared about alien austerity's end here, should you dare care for a truly informative read .....

    And very "For Whom the Bells Tolls" it be too, albeit in another dimension with other parallels.

    Follow the pack or lead the hordes, is a choice you make every day with El Reg, for most days are you advised of that which is passed into intelligence circles, and therefore To Be the Present in the Future, with the Past just AIMemory for History to Chronicle and Man to Waste Endless Time, Pontificating Upon.

  6. Irk
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    Thanks for the Booth Babes votedown in the article.

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