back to article Baidu offers English-speaking devs chance to crack China

Chinese search giant Baidu is stepping up efforts to engage with the international developer community with a new English language web site that might just help mobile app devs outside the Great Firewall crack the huge domestic market in the People’s Republic. The Baidu Cloud Developer Center is for the time being limited to …


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  1. Grikath

    English, or Engrish?

    Because it's got to be said.....

  2. frank ly

    interesting possibilities

    "...“huge amounts” of free cloud storage, which can be passed onto users;..."

    Does this mean I could set up a Dropbox-like service with public key encryption so that users could send secure private messages to each other and also store their personal and confidential information in a hosted Chinese cloud?

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Virtual Rocket Launch of a Wacky Alien Probe* into Wild and Wicked Western World Operating Systems

    It’s a two-way street, of course, and Baidu’s engagement with the international developer community can also be seen in the context of its efforts to grow its mobile ecosystem to combat slowing revenue growth.

    Actually, PM, it is at least a three-way super hyperway for China which drivers a fab English coach and trojan horses loaded with IntelAIgent Munitions and SMARTR Ordnance right to the heart of dark and core kernel matters which minds control ..... for the pleasures and pains of existence which blight and delight others.

    Miss that pioneering journey and forever be a camp follower supplying favours and delivering embedding services from the rear. ....... in all of the many possible variations one might to draw from that connotation

    * AI Big Brother, Machurian Candidate Revisioning of Wireless Application Protocols too ...... with a Colossal Leap to v.42 in Titanic Minded Quarters? And that question for/to Forbidden City and Palace Barrack type places and space worldwide, transparently testing for Fab Future Intelligence Community Capability with SMARTR Abilities and APT Proclivities.

    And, lest it escape one's attention, please be hereby suitably advised, and freely share such advice far and wide to the East and the West, and from North to South ..... any answer or non answer tells SMARTR Operations Systems everything that IT needs to feed and seed to be more generally and universally known.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Virtual Rocket Launches and Wacky Alien Probes into Wild and Wicked Wonders and Wanders

      And the following is a right joke in this day and age of instant global communications, is it not, and so very typically the very reason that Blighty is presently a fourth rate intelligence power, trailing and failing behind SMARTR Controls in both Virtual and AI Space Races ........

      We welcome commercial enquiries. If you wish to tell us about your products or services, please write to us.

      The Enquiries Desk

      PO Box 3255

      London SW1P 1AE

      Please be aware that written correspondence posted in the UK may take up to a week to reach us. ...... MI5 Security Services

      What a lode of plodding plonkers be they. FFS, JE, get your act[s] together, for the weak link[s] always sit at the top table in intelligence circles, don't they?

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