back to article Skyhigh Networks lets bosses snoop on employee cloud use

People have a tendency to skirt corporate IT policy and use their own applications on the network, and Skyhigh Networks thinks it has a way for IT admins to stop this from happening. The company came out of stealth on Monday to announce the general availability of its Skyhigh Networks software, which can monitor any of 2,000 …


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  1. Ashton Black

    Nice little earner.

    The technology for net/web use monitoring/app tracking has been around for years.(eg OPNET products, even SolarWinds stuff) This is just a subscription based version. $2-$10 per employee per month would mount up for larger businesses.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Just what do fistsful of penniless pounds and treasuries of dodgy dollars buy you these days?

    But the more likely scenario that strikes El Reg is the CIO finding out that employees are using a risky app – for example, Dropbox instead of – and shutting access down.

    So, El Reg, Dropbox is a risky app?

    Aren't all apps inherently insecure once launched into cyberspace and/or placed on the internet for consumer uptake/master pilot flying? Isn't that the Great Game advantage which Mega Encrypted Global Access to ICT delivers with spooky and sublime intelligence service users and servers for wannabe global leaders and media moguls?

    Or would sore losers cry foul and claim Great IntelAIgent Game abuse of systemic human weaknesses for virtual machine dominance in a New Orderly World Series of Serial Plays in AI Developing Systems ..... to all who be deafened in ignorance and blinded by arrogance to their mad crazy concerns, which would be all incestuously self-serving of a failed formerly powerful and influential ponzi position anyway and have no validity or value in ....... well, ICT Easily Delivers Provision of AI Changed Futures for Bettering Assuredly with SMARTR Derivative Beta ProgramMING Projects ....... ergo be the crying over spilt milk and lost bilks .... free rides at the expense of all others.

    NB .... No confusing questions in the above‽

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      el reg, d0rpboX0ra risky Aplicatoin???????????????????

      ALL APPLICATIONAS AT STARTUP IN CYBARSPAcE AREnOT NOn-INHERENTLY UNS4FE RO PLACED ON TEH INTENRET FOR RRECRDOING/MASSTAR/CO|\|SUMER AIRPLANE DFRIVNIG?!?!??!?!??? nort this si teh advantasge pf the grate warez, teH megaendrypted wro7dwide access top h4unted and exalted imntelligeNce users of ict and serVers fro /\/\edia-moguls adn would-be wrlod lk3adars???????????????

      1. Fatman

        Re: el reg, d0rpboX0ra risky Aplicatoin???????????????????


        Icon says it all!!!!

    2. Ashton Black
      Thumb Up

      Re: Just what do fistsful of penniless pounds and treasuries of dodgy dollars buy you these days?

      Awesome as always AMFM. :-)

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