back to article Cisco takes stake in virtualiser Parallels

Cisco has taken an one per cent equity stake in Parallels, a minor virtualisation software vendor. Best known for desktop virtualisation wares, especially the Parallels desktop for Mac which offers a way to run Windows on Apple PCs, the company also offers a range of data centre virtualisation tools. Most are aimed at service …


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  1. Julian Dyer
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    Panel Power!

    Hopefully Cisco are interested in the Parallels Automation product, not just its virtualization.

    Parallels Automation is targeted at service providers needing automation & billing with customer and reseller portals.

    They have strong links with Microsoft, we are using it for our Hosted Exchange 2013 service and Lync. It would be ideal if this Cisco interest encourages vCloud support alongside Hyper-V.


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OMG, "Hilton Romanski" ? That's just epic, does he use that to check into hotels as well?

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