back to article NetApp launches SECRET MARS MISSION, seeks egghead

The Reg storage desk has learned of a Mars project at NetApp. So we've sent our own Curiosity rover - specifically, a Google bot - to scan for job descriptions. This is what it transmitted back: Mars is an industry-leading next-generation product and one of the most strategic projects within NetApp. Mars is a clusterable and …


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  1. Perror
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    Project naming

    My take is this: the cooler the name, the more suspect the project is likely to be. So... Mars and Longhorn, off you go!

    Off-topic: I'm sick of these shouty headlines, stop that all-caps thing.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Mars Project Minima for Man Management

    Further, we think it's possible that this is going to be an acquired flash array technology and not one developed by NetApp in-house.

    Such would then have NetApp employed by the new intellectual property supplier.

    And CEO Tom Georgens definitely needs to realise, in order to be in any way relative and relevant to future lead needs, the significance of this simple morph of his already very advanced and astute statement ……. "As I think about our flash strategy in the long run, I do believe that flash will exist at every level of the hierarchy, including perhaps even more levels than currently exist. ... There will be more transubstantiations of Flash as time goes on. I think you should expect us to participate in those." ….. for that is the Great Global Game Changer which is available and runs/mentors and monitors ….. well, SMARTR Networking Applications in ProgramMING Projects for Virtual Machine Universal Control of AI Systems which both Produce and Present Future Virtual Reality PlayScapes …. HyperRadioProActive Green Field Sites for Creative Human Population/CyberSpace Inhabitation.

    And whenever one can easily supply that, is it a fool who thinks to offer peanuts for it rather than agree a fortune be lodged with core source in order to acquire a controlling interest in what IT will provide effortlessly for the future …… although to think that it or anything similar and/or better is ever done for a fortune, is to identify oneself as being blissfully ignorant of what is actually being done in the reality being provided. But hey, that's OK, for guidance towards deeper understanding for greater clarification is naturally also supplied by default, as a standard reward for the leaps which have been made.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    boot squabbles

    Sounds like frankenstorage to me... Does this reinforce the fact that WAFL is now outdated and not their future direction? Where is the innovation (optimizing internal workings to improve performance 2% to 5% doesn't count)? Start-up are eating their and other T1's share... Happened with EqualLogic a few years ago and is happening now (except it's 10 fold).

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