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We're barely into December, but let's not forget what awaits us when all the parties are over and 2013 rudely slaps us awake. January is a time of festive hangovers, belt tightening and making resolutions that will be broken by February. But the beginning of a new year also tends to spur the more adventurous into a fresh bout …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "there are still almost one million 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK out of work".

    Not surprising; their CVs are so full of grammatical errors they get binned before reaching the interview. Although 24 to 30-year-olds are not a great deal better.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Can't fill out a job app either

      They come in and fill out a job application, and their handwriting is so atrocious you can't make out their phone number/email address to tell them they might have the job.

      1. Chris_C

        Re: Can't fill out a job app either

        You got them to fill in the application form? Some of our last applicants couldn't even manage that...

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Expeditionary Forces ........ NEUKlearer Phorms of Intelligence

    Do pioneering technology resellers lead channels, Tim?

    And yes, there is no need to confirm that, for it is most definitely a rhetorical question.

    Does the Register do leading channels ...... :-) or that off limits and/or an alien environment to hacks?

  3. The Godfather


    Saw the headline, thought it was a dating site promotion...

  4. mike panero


    What do we mean by grammar?

    "grammatical error"

    a) You know there was an error

    b) So why did you not correct it?


    I am a nurse, Mr Dr comes along and says "Give Mr Y 1000mg of morphine"

    I have worked with Mr Dr for many years an know he really meant 10.00mg, cus he well he may be a sort of fake Dr, but Im just a nurse so well say your a Dr and well you know

    Anyway because I did NOT correct an error which I knew to be an error I was given 7 years

    Now there is you. You with let us guess a paid-for education maybe not Eat'um but by God your mum & dad put you thru a school that spoke Greek & Latin

    So grammer well your top of the pops

  5. Mick 2

    My ideal job

    I have worked for some time at a reseller, and thoroughly enjoyed my time looking after my target market. Key notes are that People buy from People!! If you remember that and don't sell like your just fresh from phones4me you will have a ball of a time.

    Word of caution, HR in these places typically are from the lower levels of hell that they share with independent financial analysts. I got a verbal warning for joking with a customer what I actually do at the company. All I said was "I sell useless stuff to stupid people, yourself excepted of course" Amazing what constitutes a verbal warning at some of these places.

    Now I am in the lucky role where I get CVs from HR bods so I pull them in just for fun when I am having a rubbish day :) Don't they half spout some stuff that makes the roses grow!

    Have fun with your new roles, but remember people buy from people and people like to buy, but hate being sold to and if you can master that, you have a gold plated career ahead!

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