back to article Revealed! Prime Minister's iPad 'dashboard' for controlling Britain

Undoubtedly the biggest IT story of the day - if not the year - is the news that David Cameron's custom "iPad app" is now in testing. All credit to the BBC for breaking this sensational development. Furious exchanges took place on Twitter this morning as both the Beeb and the Daily Telegraph claimed credit for the scoop. Fair …


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  1. Mondo the Magnificent



    1. fnusnu

      Re: Hmmm...


  2. DPWDC

    Developed in house

    "It has been developed in-house using an open-source platform, modifying existing off-the-shelf technology"

    It's an HTML page then..?

  3. Pete 2 Silver badge

    The big red button

    So does that terminate a call, or launch our nukes?

  4. c4m1k4z3

    "Controlling Britain"

    Does the app include GPS on his daughter?

    1. Michael M

      Re: "Controlling Britain"

      So you faked your death, Mr Saville.

  5. Lloyd

    Presumably though

    The whole lot's controlled by Angela Merkel?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Popbitch is currently down due to an attempted hacking. It will be back and available for governmental guidance once it's been hardened.

  7. Admiral Grace Hopper

    Force Quit

    1. Ben Holmes

      The one Force power Vader never had...

      (I'm so sorry)

  8. Ian 56

    I've read the article.

    1) It doesn't say it's an "iPad App". It says: "It is a web app".

    2) The word "sentiment" is not used.

    3) It doesn't say that it is exclusive to Cameron.

    So, to paraphrase, almost every piece of information provided about the article turns out to be fanciful and bogus.

    Same old, same old.

    1. Mage

      Radio 4

      They definitely called it an iPad App on R4 "Today" at breakfast time.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        A question for Radio 4 to ask.

        And when does a Ministerial iPad App becomes a Stealthy Phish Program .... or is that putting the cart before the horse in this particular case?

      2. mhoulden

        Re: Radio 4

        They also described Jeremy Hunt as something else a while back. Sometimes they get things right, sometimes not.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Prime minister using iPad to control ANY aspect of public life? WE'RE ALL DOOMED!

  10. Nigel Brown

    In a hark back to his Uni days.. he now a member of the Bullshi**ng-don Club?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Revealed! Prime Minister's iPad 'dashboard' for controlling Britain"

    Fixed that for ya.

  12. alain williams Silver badge

    So the govt of USA sees all that he does

    If it is on his iPad then it is controllable by Apple and so all manner of settings & data flow to Cupertino. Under the patrior act the govt of USA will want to see all of that. I don't like the idea of what my prime minister does being seen by the CIA.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Black Helicopters

      Re: So the govt of USA sees all that he does

      You think it isnt already? ***goes to look for tinfoil hat***

  13. Old fogey
    Black Helicopters

    For real style...

    ...the could use a setting like Project Cybersyn (not, truly, not what you think). Seems to have been just as effective as the web/ipad/whatever app that they may or may not be making...

    "Hmmm, housesprices climbing on Pleasant Crest?" ka-ZING! "Taken care of, Prime Minister"

  14. JaitcH

    Cameron ... the one finger typer

    He needs a screen so he doesn't have to read big words.

    Pure bloody Apple PR. At least we know the Americans can read what he is doing - they love tapping cell systems. Ask the Greek government.

  15. h3

    So now I know what PopBitch is and I wish I didn't.

    1. Captain DaFt

      Ah, c'mon, I didn't know either, and now I've got cramps from laughing!

      It's always a hoot to see what people that don't think are thinking!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "sharks may, or may not, have frickin' lasers"

    Sharks without frickin' lasers? What sort of abomination is this?

  17. Anonymous C0ward

    No, Mr Bond

    I expect you to die!

  18. James Gosling


    SIMS Prime Minister, so realistic he hasn't yet realized its a game!

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