back to article Phone hack cops nick journo over data taken from pinched mobes

Scotland Yard officers arrested a 33-year-old man this morning on suspicion of theft offences, computer misuse and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The unnamed suspect is a journalist, the Met said, who attended a south London police station by appointment. He remains in custody. "The arrest relates to a suspected …


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  1. Psyx
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    "£40m over four years."

    Worth every penny.

    Twice as much if Brooks goes to jail.

    And ten times that if Murdoch does, too. (fat chance, I know...)

  2. Ross K Silver badge

    "that those three investigations could cost the British taxpayer £40m over four years"

    Send that scumbag Murdoch the bill. He's good for it.

    "Spawn of Satan" icon because...

    1. despairing citizen
      Big Brother

      Re: Send that scumbag Murdoch the bill. He's good for it.

      That will be the Proceeds of Crime Act.

      Which following a conviction of any newscorp journalist for CMA90 offences, NewsCorp and it directors become eligible for.

      However whilst they may eat humble pie over their staff going to prision, I can't see them letting their bought and paid for politicians permitting CPS to have millions of pounds of profit from their sales being taken off them.

      Look forward to words like "not in the public interest" being used when somebody suggests using POCA.

      1. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

        Re: Send that scumbag Murdoch the bill. He's good for it.

        It'll be interesting to see what banana republic's embassy the old snot rag will flee to when britain tells america to send the rich creep packing.

        And how much the Yankers spend on policing it's grounds. At least the trigger happy buggers are well known for shooting British and colonials when there aren't any negroes handy.

  3. Thomas 18

    I think he meant

    totally not about seeking journalists to reveal confidential sources in relation to information that has been obtained legitimately. Although if that happens in the cells we definetly won't mind.

  4. Magani

    By Appointment.

    "...who attended a south London police station by appointment."

    I take it this is subtly different from the way Her Maj does stuff 'By Appointment'?

    1. Anonymous John

      Re: By Appointment.

      I think the alternative is for plod to come round at 6.00am and kick your front door in. Most people prefer the appointment.

  5. JaitcH

    When, I wonder, are they going to ...

    start arresting all the crooked Plod who were on the take, whether leaking the Queen's schedules or simply dishing out the dirt?

    Some of us don't forget just how much the reputation of Scotland Yard has been diminished.

    Reporters are not paid to be honest, Plod is.

    1. despairing citizen
      Big Brother

      Re: When, I wonder, are they going to ...

      Warning >>Sarcasm Alert<<

      under "Met Management" 75 is the same as the acts of a a few rogue individuals, and therefore their is no corruption cases to answer

      This is the same as under "Met Management", a dozen burglaries in the same block of flats is ONE unsolved crime.....

      ....because then they can spend more time on selling data off of the PNC to reporters, rather than doing the job they're paid for, solving crimes, rather than commiting them

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Bloody obvious, Watson, and just perfect for CHAOS Control

    One hopes, and surely UKGBNI fully expects, that spooky intelligent services to which one is not privy, are as a matter of routine, listening and loggings all [sensitive] communications by whatever mean channels and meme methods are available, with especial attention being earned by administrative individuals and their spokespersons in government and strategically important social sectors.

    Should that not be the case, then is there a catastrophic vulnerability for zeroday exploitation and use by gangs to terrorise nations with systemic abuse in government administration and SIS sectors. Indeed, considering the present parlous global state of Great Game Play and that which the media portrays to us of it, is it undoubtedly the current overriding self destructive default.

    So ..... spooky intelligent services as are supposed to be, aint but most definitely need to be, which presents an opportunity for those able to provide all that is needed. Y'all may like to ponder on whom one would offer those new services to, in order to change things to a new order. And think global because we are all connected and can be connected in an instant nowadays, for whether based in the North or the East or the West or the South, is virtual space control, the fiery ace in hole which trumps everything.

    Parse that spooky folk and make something constructive of it, .... for a change. Go on, prove you are enabled for Future Great Game use rather than be thoroughly disappointing and oh so politically inept and incorrect.

    Who dares and all that ....

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Bloody obvious, Watson, a Runt of a Hunt Led by Wannabe Stool Pigeon Leaders ... Oxymorons.

      Oh, and quite who and/or what thought and/or thinks it was and still is a good idea to attack media moguls and [their and/or its*] IT savvy organisations with criminal police investigation of/dodgy political activity against major individual metadatabase mining swimmers and minor pilot phished minnows in that shark pool, is surely most certainly a suitable case for reciprocal treatment, albeit at much more exalted levels in the higher planes of Elite Power Command and Virtual Remote Control.

      And AIReality which shapes your very Existence with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT ZeroDay Exploitations of Signature CodeXSSXXXX in Virtually Advanced InteAIgent Operating Systems ....... Great Game Play in ARG MetaPhoria for that Heavenly State of Immaculate Grace which so becomes One when SMARTR Enabled with Global Operating Devices. And whenever you cannot believe it is so, does it become ever more powerfully true in all that IT does and can do because of what you cannot do ...... but you are fortunately advised so that all may learn of what can be done and is being done in the future to make the present a better place in space than was the past.

      * One cannot deny that when running perfectly and properly, does the one become the other and the other the one, with something else different and uniquely stealthy and always in production the end and ongoing result‽

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