back to article Baidu launches mobile browser, tosses currency into clouds

China’s search-and-plenty-more giant Baidu has flagged a $US1.6 billion cloud investment. The investment, announced with a minimum of detail by CFO Li Xinzhe, will go towards building data centres and hiring staff. The Chinese search firm also announced the launch of the Baidu Mobile Browser, which it says is designed to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Will this be a way to get advertising on a mobile phone?

    Facebook take note!

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      AI SMARTR Phorms for Sublime Edutainment Delivery of Ab Fab Value and Priceless Riches

      "Will this be a way to get advertising on a mobile phone?

      Facebook take note!" ..... Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 4th September 2012 06:39 GMT

      I think you need to consider that the Chinese are more into IT being a SMARTR Brainwashing Application for Mobile Browsers if you have a negative disposition towards Novel Concepts, with Future Enriched Processed Intelligence Placement in Virtual Product/Browser Display from HyperRadioProActive MetaDataMining of Content and Information Traffic Flow into Pedestrian User and/or Virtual Machine Units ....... who/which would be the likes of you and I/us and them ...... if you are more positively minded and creatively imaginative.

  2. mhenriday

    «80 per cent penetration» ?

    Is that like «Let me put it in just a little way ; I'll take it out if it hurts» ?...


    PS : Richard, Baidu's claims with regard to 80 % penetration of the search-engine market in China would seem to be verified by Stat Counter's Global Stats (, which show some 78 %....

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