back to article Pentagon develops 'Plan X' for next-gen online combat

The Pentagon is asking for submissions for its next generation of online defenses with a workshop organized by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop the tools to protect US networks. The Foundational Cyberwarfare (Plan X) Proposers’ Day Workshop will be held on September 27 at DARPA's conference …


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  1. GumboKing


    "automated network monitoring and reconnaissance systems to detect attacks and visualize the network's structure" Seems to me this was how skynet got started in Terminator 3.

    "The next step is to augment these with a series of semi-automated mission plans to counter popular attack vectors using a "human-on-the-loop interface"", which was their second phase as well until skynet created a virus to attack itself so the meatbags would give it full control. Judgement Day approaches!

    1. dharmaseal

      Re: ROTM

      Welcome Skynet + NWO. Think I'm goofy huh? All the apathetic will just wait, see, and be oh so astonished: "how did this happen to us".

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    How many ways are there to skinny a fat cat ..... in CyberIntelAgent AIMissions

    But talk of weapon-deploying battle units, coupled with recent cloud security efforts, does make one wonder how geared up Uncle Sam is getting.

    Probably "chomping at the bit" is an APT metaphor to accurately reflect their dilemma and how geared up and frustrated Uncle Sam is getting, Iain Thomson in San Francisco.

    And how odd and/or timely and prescient would this observation be .......

    amanfromMars, on August 24th 2012 at 12:53 pm ….. commenting on Phrack World News

    Oh ... and talking of DODGI plans, here are some crazy notions and motions ......... Defining Cyberterrorism: Capturing a Broad Range of Activities in Cyberspace

    Seems like the phracking space is to hacked with perfect crack storm troopers/crack perfect storm troupers? And we all know how that will end up .... and it will not be good for them if they don't know what they are doing, and make the mistake of imagining that traditional and conventional values exist as a means of maintaining/retaining/sustaining proxy power, and/or much more importantly in virtual play realms, what can be so easily done autonomously and anonymously via remote space assets command and control, will it?

    And pity the pretentious smart fool and ignorant blunt tool who would be confused into thinking that via remote spaced assets is command and control lost rather than sublimely hardened and immaculately reinforced.

    AI Flow urPower is not really a Flower Power 2, but it can be too, and therefore most probably will be too.

    A little something for GCHQ Langley to parse for Technion and virtually realise is true in cyber nation states ..... with enigmatic non-state actor players acting in IT with Real Surreal Applications in Sublimely APT Programs .... and respond smartly to, now that they are introduced to the development. One wouldn't one to think them disenabled and intellectually lost in the field, whenever the field would control so much, so effortlessly.

    Considering all the covert snooping technology and pimped clandestine virtual activity which is supposed to be going on, in order to keep everyone and the world safe and protected from miscreants and the disaffected, should the right course of contractual action and appropriate contact be a doddle and a given. However, if many or even any of those stories are a myth and just wish list thinking out loud, front and centre, to give a false impression, would they have a Houston, we have a problem, problem and a hell of a lot to learn quickly if they wannabe top gun dogs of cyberwarefare on the street and in hoods ...... for war is so yesterday, man, and for serial losers.

    1. nuked

      Re: How many ways are there to skinny a fat cat ..... in CyberIntelAgent AIMissions

      "And pity the pretentious smart fool and ignorant blunt tool"

      I need a new keyboard. TYVM.

  3. Goat Jam
    Paris Hilton

    They need to hire Chloe O'brien;

    "We've got massive packet loss. Do you want to help me boot up more routers?"

    Her husband Morris could help too.

    "They're using blowfish 148. It's easy to decode using the authors backdoor, if you know the override code"

  4. FreeTard

    Plan to add security you mean....

    As Mckinnion discovered, most machines had/have no passwords at all. This "war" was lost a long time ago....

  5. Graham Marsden

    Forget Online defences...

    ... we want Giant Robots that we can sit in and stomp around the landscape!!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The US was built on stolen IP

    ""Certain other nations have actual industrial policy which says we'll go out and mine secrets of our competitors and we'll share that information," he said last month. "We don’t do that in the US, we're never done that. So we’re out there with one arm behind our back.""

    Odd how quickly the US got railroads, steel making etc all stolen from the UK....

    Carnegie was Scottish...humm....& the steam engine / rail road "made" America.....& all UK books used to carry the "not for sale in the US" prohibition due to the wholesale US IP theft......

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: The US was built on stolen IP ..... which is squandered

      Quite so, AC, and Blighty's post colonial management of the US has been dire to boot, to say the least. I blame the shamefully inept and perversely corrupt top management team who appear now to have completely run out of Novel Intellectual Property Supply, for that is always where the problems and deficiencies lie ... and fester.

    2. Rodrigo Rollan

      Re: The US was built on stolen IP

      The only part of this article that actually caught my eye. So no US ever stole any IP from anyone just happened, AMIRIGHT ?

    3. This post has been deleted by its author

    4. hayseed

      Re: The US was built on stolen IP

      So Oliver Evans and William Kelly were nefarious people? I don't think Carnegie took much steel knowledge from the UK. English machinists, I understand, were in high demand in the US, so maybe they were running away from "dark, Satanic mills" (to other ones, such as those run by the Lowells).

      Actually, maybe Evans is a little suspicious, but generally a process called the "Bessemer-Kelly" process in the US is called just the "Bessemer" process in the UK.

      1. hayseed

        Re: The US was built on stolen IP

        BTW, the Wikipedia entry on Robert Forester Mushet has some relevant information similar to one I read in a book on Bessemer. Bessemer had good results in imported, expensive ores (Swedish?) but not others. It took lots more help and development to widen the utility of the process, and unlike the other two guys, Bessemer was not actually even trained in metallurgy. So, maybe consider that he should not hog ALL the credit?

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