back to article AntiLeaks group claim responsibility for WikiLeaks attacks

The WikiLeaks website has been under a major DDoS attack over the last few days and a group calling itself AntiLeaks has claimed responsibility. "We are young adults, citizens of the United States of America and are deeply concerned about the recent developments with Julian Assange and his attempt at asylum in Ecuador," said …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, this group of young adults, who no one heard of until recently, have the capability to launch this kind of DDoS attack? Not only on WikiLeaks but the multitude of mirrors?

    And this just happens to coincide with the release of very sensitive communication within Stratfor?

    Not to mention the content of some of these emails...

    "Godfather just called.... he "found" my luggage in CA..... don't want to

    know how or who died.....

    But it'll be in the States in a few days!".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      'Patriotic hackers' my arse.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    "Young adults" aka...

    "People easily blinded by propaganda".

    And in this case stupid people at that.

    I'm not just saying that as an insult, I'm saying that because I truly mean it: they are idiots.

    IF you really want to know about something. Whether its an (electronic) consumer device, a webshop, a shop within your town right down to a political party to vote on then there's only 1 smart thing to do....

    First you obviously find out about $subject (see above) to find out if your goal is really what you want. But here's the deal: Once you have decided that you aimed for what you really want its time to realize that so far all you've been reading / viewing has most likely been in /favour/ of $subject.

    To get the whole story it is now time to look into the other side of the opinion pool; the nay sayers. Sure; you'll get some hate, you'll get some bashing, but if you try good enough you'll also get some genuine stories as to why people don't like $subject.

    Then, and only then will you be capable of making up your own mind on this.

    I kid you not. I'll go on the record; I own a WinPhone, like it too. I went over several Android fora before I got one. Not to decide on which one was "better". Hardly. To learn what people using the other choice considered to be lacking on my choice. That left me prepared. Yes; it has its limits. But I knew them even before I picked one up.

    This is no different.

    When it comes to our governments (no matter what country you're from) you'll always get 1 sided stories. Namely from the government. Sure; there are different parties, but they all have 1 major thing in common: their paychecks come from 1 shared source. Paid from taxes which you and I have to cough up.

    Bottom line: you can't expect stories coming from these parties not to be coloured, no matter /where/ they stand with their political ideals. Just like companies will always have a double agenda (keeping the customers happy /but/ also ensuring a steady cashflow) the same can be said about the governments.

    As to Wikileaks... Right or wrong, good or evil; not my call to make.

    Fact of the matter is that they only show what the governments have been doing so far and are unwilling to share with us. Governments do that (hiding stuff) even when we are entitled to it.

    Small (US specific) issue... Attack on the Pentagon (9/11). Freedom of information yet the government refuses to release the (massively available; 84 cameras, go figure!) video footage as to what has transpired there. After some people started prosecuting for /years/ the US government has finally released a 5 frame footage showing absolutely nothing. There's a display of "freedom" right there.

    Bottom line (this is turning into an essay, I know): Governments lie to us. Its not a theory its a given. In the US its even allowed by law (police officers can provide you with falsified info to get you to confess). So who's controlling or checking the government ?

    In most cases the government is controlled through information channels controlled by that very same government.

    You may not like other people "attacking" your government. I can respect that. But if your government is as good and solid as they are they should be able to withstand such "attacks" quite easily.

    But if you really think that there is a desperate need to silence the other voices or other opinions - no matter the motivation - then you're basically agreeing that something is seriously wrong with your own opinion.

    No matter how cliched this is: if you have an opinion and don't allow anyone to challenge it then your opinion is - by definition - bordering plain out oppression.

    Enter the stages of the fanboys, the fanatics, the nutjobs.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      People easily blinded by propaganda

      Assange has used Wikileaks as a propaganda machine. Don't be tricked into believing otherwise.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        When it comes to the elections (whether in the US or in my home country) then there's nothing /but/ propaganda these days.

        Even up to a point (here's where it gets bothersome:) where one looking at the past (unfortunately not too many people do this) you can very often see the /almost/ /exact/ /same/ propaganda being put to use.

        To translate (within the context of my home country; every 4 years we get elections): $party1 promising stuff and after they don't make it they now even easily vote in favour of the stuff they claimed to be against "no matter what".

        Now 8 years later; they try the exact same approach. "We're against $topic" even though the records show that during the last period they have only supported said subject.

        Issue being: said subject doesn't live too well with the people. SO when the elections are upcoming this party does nothing but propagating that they are against said issue, hoping to get votes. Problem being that as soon as everything is over their opinion changes over time.

        Quite odd indeed that not only their opinion but the matter as a whole also suddenly easily takes its time well within the ruling period. (put differently: $elected, 2.5 years into said period voting in favour of $we_dont_like_it and 1.5 years after that suddenly campaigning with "we're against $subject").

        That is your average political party for you. Unfortunately most people don't have the will do dive unto all this and when someone else does easily wave it away with "propaganda".

        Left or right doesn't matter; this is what is happening on a global scale these days.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A group of young G-men

    More like it.

    1. oroboros
      Black Helicopters

      Re: A group of young G-men

      Undoubtedly. "young adults", pfffft. I suppose it could be this "ex-CIA" Abraxis company, but the "concerned citizen hackers" just doesn't pass the smell test.

  4. LinkOfHyrule
    Paris Hilton

    I remember once accidentally smashing a hole in the ground that sort of wrecked an ant's nest - talk about an AntyLeak they were bloody spewing out everywhere!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice idea but...

    While it would be nice to see Assange spend the next 200 years in a hard labor prison, DDoS attacks are not the answer. Judicial process should be adequate. Start with Assange being shipped to Sweden to stand trial for multiple rape charges.

    1. Ignorance is bliss

      Re: Nice idea but...

      Your ignorance and pre-judice is showing. Julian Assange has never been charged with anything, let alone rape. The Swedish authorities, after initially saying there was no case to answer, changed their minds and demanded that he turn himself in for questioning, in person. He resisted that because he felt they could perfectly well ask him any questions they wanted by e-mail or video conference. He was deeply suspicious that they did not take him up on their offer. The Swedish prime minister being a very close friend of Karl Rove deepened that suspicion. The grand jury in Virginia trying to cook up some charges against him deepened that suspicion.

      Certainly in terms of your education, Google can be your friend. Try it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        He /was/ charged, but those charged had been dropped then re-instated.

        The only thing odd here is that Sweden goes through all this trouble for a felony (that's what it is over there) which at worst case would cost Assange a $1000,- fine.

        1. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

          Double Ignorance

          Smells twice as bad when put like that.

          But who'se going to stop the USA?

          Nobody kept them out of Vietnam, nobody kept them out of Iraq, nobody kept them out of Afgahnistan and they are up to their tesiricles in South America, always have been.

          So when they get the arses handed back to them in a sling it should be nody telling them we told you so.

          Evewn though it is bloody obvious that the people who are going to get hit worst by this sort of thing has to be the USA.

          Looks like we are all in for a very interesting decade.

          I don't think the USA are going to win this one. Anyone want to bet?

      2. Scorchio!!

        Re: Nice idea but...

        "Julian Assange has never been charged with anything, let alone rape."

        His lawyer was informed that the Swedish police wanted him for questioning, prior to charging him (this is the requirement of the Swedish CJS); not long after his lawyer had been so informed Assange disappeared and reappeared in England. It should be noted that, whereas Assange's Swedish counsel initially denied that the Swedish police had contacted him during the relevant period, he subsequently retracted this denial and affirmed that they had contacted him; this took place in an English court, thus the witnesses and record are a sight more impeccable than your claim's.

        As far as questioning by email or video are concerned, no; it takes place in the original jurisdiction and nowhere else. Questioning requires monitoring the subject carefully for subtle non verbal behaviours that inform the interrogator whether or not dissimulation is taking place, and in response to which questions. This leads to further questions in the appropriate area.

        The Assange idea of electronic questioning is unprecedented, invalid and typical of someone who has something to fear. FWIW he cannot be extradited from Sweden to the US without prior UK approval, under the terms of the EAW.

        Google can be your friend too, so why don't you Google the data that I have just given you on the convict, Assange.

        "The Swedish authorities, after initially saying there was no case to answer, changed their minds and demanded that he turn himself in for questioning, in person."

        Hah, I suggest you read Gumby's exhumation of that fairy story.

        1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
          Thumb Down

          Re: Nice idea but...

          > convict Assange

          I don't think the word "convict" means what you think it means.

          I don't care about Assange's private life nor whether sex is too dangerous to attempt in Sweden but I do care about asshattery, whoring for the cretins nominally in charge of "civil society" and people crying "rape" when unconvenient documents appear (variously described as "endangering people" and "of no real importance"), while real cases of criminality are left conveniently undisturbed because they are committed by, say, POTUS or Madame Hillary.

          Oh yeah, google

          1. Scorchio!!

            Re: Nice idea but...

            "I don't think the word "convict" means what you think it means."

            Oh yes it fucking well does. Assange was convicted on 25 counts:


        2. Gnomalarta

          Re: Nice idea but...

          Someone with weird ideas about the legal process in a free country said, "Google can be your friend too, so why don't you Google the data that I have just given you on the convict, Assange."

          Convict is the noun applied to someone who has been convicted of a crime and sent to prison. it's not somebody that you think is guilty. Perhaps you should Google the word.

          1. Scorchio!!

            Re: Nice idea but...

            "Convict is the noun applied to someone who has been convicted of a crime and sent to prison"

            No, it is the noun applied to someone convicted of a crime


            "A convict is "a person found guilty of a crime and sentenced by a court" OE#R "a person serving a sentence in prison":


            I suggest you invest in remedial googling and reading skills.


        3. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

          Re: Nice idea but...

          > Questioning requires monitoring the subject carefully for subtle non verbal behaviours that inform the

          > interrogator whether or not dissimulation is taking place, and in response to which questions.

          > This leads to further questions in the appropriate area.

          What apropraite area?

          The water boarding room at GIMO?

          Somewhere in Syria still open to US Entertainment Komitties?

          1. Scorchio!!

            Re: Nice idea but...

            The original jurisdiction whence he fled, Sweden; the EAW prevents extradition to any other country without the original country (the UK) authorising it. He is no more at risk in Sweden than he is here.


    2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Nice idea but...

      > While it would be nice

      Why are young adults shilling here?

      Shouldn't they be doing the things that are labeled "rape" in Sweden?

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Defeated before it has even begun ... is a sure sign of a wrong course of action

    Young adults, and even those who would think it cool calling themselves Diet Pepsi, and citizens of the Unites States of America, and everywhere else too, are advised that to try to defend the indefensible is an ancient reality game and postmodern intelligence community folly, which extraordinarily renders to both perceived real and virtual competition and peer opposition, by especial means and sophisticated memes which are a coveted prize and priceless gift, an overwhelmingly powerful and invisible and intangible advantage which will always be used to ruthlessly exploit every available and thought well hidden and exposed and exploitable vulnerability to crash its feeder seed systems. …… its not so smart idiot drivers and hosting servers.

    And now you know. And now you also know what to expect and what to avoid getting trapped and excited into perpetrating and supporting. The truth will set you free and you will see the bigger pictures …. so those and/or that which keeps secrets from you, is your gaoler and would rather you remain blind and blinkered……. ignorant and easily led for their pleasure?

    Yes, that is most probably definitely your present proposed fate, as defined by the current failing crazy systems, although whether it remains as your destiny and destination in a Virtual Operating System is already decided and perfectly clear ….. the future does not tolerate and support the folly of regimes which prize ignorance for maintenance and furtherance of arrogant lead.

    1. GSV Slightly Perturbed

      Re: Defeated before it has even begun ... is a sure sign of a wrong course of action

      [broadcast Eclear, sent 1344677990.1]

      xGSV Slightly Perturbed

      o(unknown) amanfromMars 1

      Quite true, if garbled.

      Silly Antileaks people, trying to put that cat back into the bag.

      Oh, I am still available for help in debugging your primary lexer, if you so wish.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Defeated before it has even begun ... is a sure sign of a wrong course of action

      You know something is seriously wrong when amanfromMars get upvotes

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: Defeated before it has even begun ... is a sure sign of a wrong course of action

        You know something is seriously wrong when amanfromMars get upvotes .... Anonymous Coward Posted Saturday 11th August 2012 20:06 GMT

        You certainly aint got that wrong, AC, for present established hierarchical and inherited legacy systems of elite power control of fiat wealth with spontaneous and instantaneous electronic transfers of currency supply..... flash cash deposits..... are seriously corrupt and perverted and easily subverted and conflicted to provide nothing but troubles which cannot be converted into good deeds done dirt cheap.

        But you cannot say that you have not been informed for a not inconsiderable time of the situation as it is, and as IT and media will have it be, whenever the Register is, and has been gracious smart host to so much freely shared information on such surreal matters which are now impossible to conceal and ignore, and would exploit the ignorance and arrogance which abounds in infected failing diseased systems, to edutain the inquisitive masses with what can be effortlessly done with the sharing of Advanced IntelAIgent Research in Live Operational Virtual Environments ........ SMARTR Being Team Terrain ............ Future Programs virtually delivering Reality Projects for a Fabulous Fabless Change.

        And that post is addressed to all here on the Register, and would also direct itself to betatest metadatamining systems/spooky snooping systems, which we are led to believe are supposed to be mentoring and monitoring internetworking virtual traffic flow for security and protection services, and therefore would fully expect an appropriate reply and APT response from the likes of a team leading James Quinault. …..

        Anything less will reveals more than any system of virtually remote and invisible national security and internetional protection would ever wish to be revealed about current programs of pathetic entrapment.

  7. Esskay

    "young adults?" pffft....

    The mental image I get is one of a small group of single american men in their mid 40's, a couple of them very skinny and the rest of them very fat, all with more hair on their upper lip than their scalps, wearing thick rimmed glasses and staring at a couple of old computers that they bought from their local church, with a copy of "Twitter for Dummies" on the desk next to them.

    There's a knock on the door, because the obese, bible-bashing, american flag wearing mother of one of the members has made them all lunch. Probably "baloney and cheese" on white bread with the crusts removed. Whilst that member of the group is answering the door, the others are bitching about how *they* wanted the name "diet pepsi", because it's much cooler than their own names.

    1. Morrie Wyatt

      Re: "young adults?" pffft....

      Or lawsuit for trademark infringement.

    2. Vic

      Re: "young adults?" pffft....

      > The mental image I get is one of a small group of single american men in their mid 40's

      The mental image I get is Ben Elton presenting "Nozin' Aroun'"

      There were elements of true brilliance in The Young Ones :-)


  8. h4rm0ny

    "New Breed of Terrorist"

    Yeah, right. A terrorist is one that tries to terrify a population as a means of coercion to get what they want. "A new breed of..." is the sort of term you'd get in a Hollywood movie to signify something greater / more terrifying. But when I compare Julian Assange with the IRA... Yeah, I'm just not seeing this.

    1. g e

      Re: "New Breed of Terrorist"

      Irishmen Remunerated by America ?

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Things are bad enough as it is - now the internet has to worry about a Patriotic Cyber-militia.

    Definitely getting like the wild west now.

    1. Suricou Raven

      Re: Depressing

      Not the first one by any means. People feel very strongly about political matters, and easily form like-minded groups. It's a common occurance for activists to get together online and go on a campaign to further their rightous (as they see it) cause. Sometimes via DDoS or hacking, sometimes via coordinated trolling, sometimes by social media manipulation (The DiggPatriots, who worked out how to game the Digg algorithm). It's just an extension of offline protesting: Sometimes it involves a peaceful picketing, sometimes a disruption of a business by blockadeing the enterance, and sometimes those logging machines just look like they could use a few cups of sand in the oil tank.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Depressing "Not the first one by any means"

        True, though I was surprised to see how many hits you can get on the term "cyber militia".

        I get the point about it being an extension of offline protesting, but there are two distinctions that worry me :

        1) This isn't just about getting in the way of things you object to - it is actively attacking targets, with much less likelihood of getting caught than protesting in the physical world.

        2) The addition of patriotism I find, frankly, scary. Such a focus is less about morality and more about self-interest, and it is conceivable that such groups would be given a free ride by their own governments (as long as they choose the right targets, of course).

        All in all, not a very healthy development.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Translation ..

    "We are young adults, citizens of the United States of America and are deeply concerned about the recent developments with Julian Assange and his attempt at asylum in Ecuador,"

    We work for the CIA ...

  11. JaitcH

    Who really cares how allegedly secret documents are leaked ...

    as long as the garbage is exposed to the world to show the US for what it is.

    1. M Gale

      Re: Who really cares how allegedly secret documents are leaked ...

      Exactly this.

      I'm wondering if these Antileaks fellers can keep up a DDOS against WIkileaks, every USENET server on the planet, the Freenet project, all the various torrent trackers, AND someone walking around sneakernet-style and giving people USB sticks?

      Somehow I doubt it.

      1. Suricou Raven

        Re: Who really cares how allegedly secret documents are leaked ...

        Anyone knowledgeable enough to launch the attack will know that they cannot hope to keep any leaked information locked away forever. This can only lead to two obvious conclusions.

        - Either they are just trying to buy time on some particular leak, slowing the release long enough to perform their damage control and find the source of the leak.

        - Or they are, as they claim, politically motivated - they don't want to stop any specific leak, just to harm wikileaks by forcing them to spend as much money as is possible on counter-DDoS measures and hosting.

        1. g e

          Re: Who really cares how allegedly secret documents are leaked ...

          An impending pre-election RomneyGate perhaps

  12. nuked
    Big Brother

    Anyone else...

    ... seriously disturbed by the implications of this?

    bus-load of popcorn ordered.

    1. cyborg

      Re: Anyone else...

      That the CIA portrayed in American Dad is accurate?


  13. Dennis Wilson


    In every case of a DDoS the FBI have a very successful history in hunting down and prosecuting those responsible. Their history in this makes it undeniable. They are good, real good at it.

    With that undeniably outstanding success rate a prosecution should be not far away. What will happen in this case we all know. Every single excuse in the book will be used to explain the failure to even start an investigation. That one simple fact will prove beyond anyone’s doubt that it was either Santa or the feds that were involved

  14. FuzzyTheBear
    Big Brother

    It's all documented.

    There are operations going on to try to discredit wikileaks and Anonymous.

    and yes ig's G men doing their dirty work to try to keep their bosses in power.

    The thing they fear the most is with global communications now a reality that local

    governance will take a solid hit. We no longer appreciate be taken on a ride by politicians

    and corporations. We lost our naive side . Information was their one ace in the hole.

    They cannot hold it any longer , so they try to discredit that one card WE hold.

    Freedom is close at hand people.

    They fear nothing more than the liberation of their slaves , us.

    Fear no longer holds the people . We lost our fear , so they have nothing left to control us with.

    Time for a new order to rise. One based on all men being equal.One based on open governance

    and of true transparency. We hold that power now. We can turn over governments by publishing their dirty little secrets. We can change history a day at a time . All that's needed is time.

    We dont even have to work hard at it. It is advancing every day inexorably towards a world where

    the politicians and the rich no longer hold the truth , they can no longer tell us lies to keep us enslaved.

    We are on the road to true freedom . And that is what they fear most.

    We lost our fears . We no longer fear them

    That's why they act like it . Fear . The tables have turned. Time to take our turn at the helm.

  15. Boris S.

    The ignorance of children...

    When your very security depends on secret documents then you will come to understand the damage Assange is doing. It's so naive of yoof to think the world is a sane place where the good guys prevail and evil is contained.

    1. DeKrow

      Re: The ignorance of children...

      Please be doing us the favour of pointing out an example of any leaked government information that has affected the security of its populace. Pretty much all the leaks I've read about have only been classified as "secret" because they're embarassing to the government.

      ie. Proof or STFU

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stratfor files on TrapWire

    "When your very security depends on secret documents then you will come to understand the damage Assange is doing"

    How is the security service spying on you going to protect you from the 'terrorists'.

    Stratfor files on TrapWire

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The picture he gets"...

    No wonder we have such world issues when someone jumps to the conclusion that AntiLeaks is some 40 year old, unmarried guys... because they want to stop disclosure of secret documents that have serious implications on the safety and well being of many nations of the world.

    Maybe there are some folks in denial posting uninformed comments here based on their own personal issues?

  18. naive

    Wikileaks got fee publicity

    From a PR view a DDOS attack is bad news, Wikileaks got a lot of free publicity because this happened.

    In the case the attack was initiated by a group of concerned citizens, they might actually have a point. Wikileaks only seems to reveal the secrets of western democracies, leaked by employees with a grudge.

    Until now no jucy Chinese, North Korean or Iranian secrets have been leaked to Wikileaks.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More to come

    I expect that WikeLeaks is going to suffer a lot more attacks for their disrespectful behavior concerning secret documents.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If only....

      ..governments and mega corporations were to suffer more over the contents of these secret documents.

      I tend to concentrate less on the person reporting a crime, than the one committing it.

    2. Dante

      Re: More to come

      I find it quite disturbing that you use the word "disrespectful" makes it sound like we should all be grovelling in front of our Corporate and US governmental masters.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: More to come

        It would appear that you don't have any idea why countries have secret communications?


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