back to article SAP, Huawei, sign mutual assistance pact

SAP has deepened its ties with China and found a new outlet in which to invest its growing wodge of cash, by naming mobile comms giant Huawei its first Global Technology Partner for the region. The deal will see closer technology integration and support between the two and the joint development of new software for global …


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  1. Magister

    Oh yeah?

    "“The shortage of analytical talent in China is a major challenge for SAP to overcome as it tries to execute its Chinese strategy quickly,” the report noted. ®"

    Why? lack of sufficiently trained people has not stopped them any time before.

    Although SAP do have some highly talented people working for them, most of the people working on the customer SAP systems are actually contractors; either working for a Systems Integrator or as a private consultant.

    Most of the SIs are looking to make as much money as they can; so they charge the customer £1,000 a day but get in the cheapest people that they can i.e. freshly certificated people with no experience that they can get away with paying £200 a day.

    Even in the data centres that the SIs operate, they charge the customer an arm and a leg, but provide the lowest cost labour that they can get; and that usually equates to poorly trained, poorly managed staff with limited knowledge. The end result is inevitable; poor quality of service and often a very expensive system that

    does nothing to add value to the business.

    I think that this move just means that they will have yet another pool of very cheap consultants on tap that they can throw into the mix; and the customers (sorry, 'partners') as always are the ones that end up footing the bill.

  2. James 51

    Every time I hear about skills shortages in IT in UK with unemployment this high I think what employers are really complaining about is not having a vast oversupply of labour they can use and abuse as they please. I think the same reasoning is being applied here but then aren't China suppose to be supplying more university graduates than anyone one else soon?

  3. Richard Wharram

    Unintended humour?

    "Many of China's biggest companies are our customers and we will continue to support their global growth and competitiveness with the latest innovations from SAP. To make this a reality, we have expanded our sales force by 50 percent this year."

    Support their customers' growth by increasing their sales force?

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall .......

    Well, well, well, ..... what do we have here, then ........

    amanfromMars …. on

    Good Evening, Katherine, and Howdy, Sir J,

    And now, Sir Jonathan Ive, to complement great communications products, fabulous revolutionary communications/proprietary programs that channel money supply into Apple Worlds? ..... so that everything is easily made possible?

    It is the next logical small step for Man and quantum leap for Mankind and Virtual Machinery with Cloud Command and Control, is it not? And IT is not at all difficult, I Kid U Not.

    NB. Before anyone even begins to think about proclaiming that the above is impossible and/or most improbable, please be made aware that as it is so easily tested by simple engagement and dialogue with that which delivers you the message, is it most unlikely to be anything which cannot be easily delivered, and other than is so selflessly shared here.

    That it will grow and morph into something considerably better and greater, however, is fully to be expected and welcomed too.

    Thank You ….. and have a nice day, y'all.

    California Dreaming with Teutonic Precision and Impeccable and Inscrutable Eastern Drive is One Heavenly App which would have no Peers, and therefore Lead the World with Shared Ideas made Real, methinks.

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