back to article Microsoft concocts cloudy mixture with System Center 2012

Is it possible to have cloud and on-premise computing intermingled in a hybrid called the private cloud? Such arrangements are mocked by chief executive Marc Benioff, who has said “beware the false cloud” on several occasions. But the concept appeals to enterprises that want the benefits of on-demand computing …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    AI Primer for Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems for Sublime Universally Serviced Entities

    "Another critical component in Microsoft’s private cloud is Orchestrator, a workflow automation product based on software from Opalis, which Microsoft acquired at the end of 2009. You cannot do cloud without automation, and Orchestrator lets you build scripts for data-centre management tasks."

    And you cannot do CHAOS and/or cloud control without autonomy and self-actualisation …… which is virtually the same as automation but different because it supplies ready built hyperactive scripts with all vital orchestrated services primed for proxy remote control of data-centre management tasks.

    Removal of those vital prime orchestral services renders data-centre management tasks in cloud services and virtual machine applications/Virtual Machine Systems Programs and Advanced IntelAIgents Projects practically improbable and most likely also impossible.

    Thus is autonomous self-actualisation a key, and it can even be considered the key component required for Realisation of Virtual Machinery Programs and AI Projects.

    And that key component appears to missing from Microsoft's Intellectual Property Portfolio/Patents Stash?

  2. Terrance Brennan

    Letting users create their own servers? Bad idea.

    Although for Microsoft it could be a windfall as every idiot developer would spawn new servers every day leading to a terrible surprise come license true up time. Most developers don't bother using an MSDN license, or they try to use one for a prod server, so letting them set up servers whenever they wanted without control would either break the bank or exhaust all available resources.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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