back to article Why MongoDB? It's the developers, stupid

Increasingly the third standard within enterprises for databases, MongoDB, has been claiming a lot of victories lately. In relative terms, it has become the second-hottest skill to have on one's resume, right after HTML5, according to job trend data. And despite plenty of hating on its technology, with one person …


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  1. Mostly_Harmless

    3rd standard?

    "the third standard within enterprises for databases"

    I would have thought that the main 3 standards for DBs are Oracle, MSSQL and Postgres. What do you have as your top 2 standards?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 3rd standard?

      I would have said:



      SQL Server



      I have never heard of MongoDB being deployed in anger and while I'm not actually in databases I am in storage, so most of my time is spent designing backup and disk for these systems.

      It's also another FOSS project which is going to be held back by its name. I'm not sure about the US, but in the UK "Mong" is a pretty nasty, basically racist insult.

  2. 1Rafayal
    Paris Hilton

    I agree.

    Isnt MongoDB the DB of choice for people who dont know about POSTgres and dont want to pay for Oracle/SQL Server?

    Its like saying SQL Server Express is an integral DB for enterprise level .Net projects.

    Paris, as she knows about POSTgres etc....

  3. Don Jefe

    5th Round?

    Any company in its fifth freaking round of funding doesn't have much to brag about.

    You'd think Matt "The Bio" Assay would know that :)

  4. Tank boy

    Mongo just pawn in game of life.

  5. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Aha! Just remembered where this quote is from.

    "Hey, where da white women at?"

    1. Jim 48

      "Candygram for Mongo"

      1. Peter Murphy

        The Tea Party motto in a nutshell

        They may say they want their country back, but it's really "The sheriff's a ni-(CLANG!!!)".

  6. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Well, I bought the book (MongoDB in Action)

    ...and it's all good, but I will look into a MySQL -> PostgreSQL migration first.

    1. Hieronymus Howerd

      Re: Well, I bought the book (MongoDB in Action)

      Way to completely miss the point of this technology.

      1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        Re: Well, I bought the book (MongoDB in Action)

        Come again?

  7. Jan 0 Silver badge

    Isn't this just Ming the Merciless' latest attempt to destroy Earth? Help, where's Flash* when you need him?

    *No not, Adobe's attempt.

  8. Charlie Clark Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    What are "operational" and "analytical" databases?

    Databases are categorised by how they store and manage data, aren't they? Relational, hierarchical, network, etc. I'm obviously behind the curve on this. Time to resurrect my plan to serialise all data via Twitter!

    1. Jacqui

      Re: Definitions

      "What are "operational" and "analytical" databases?"

      These are terms used by management. They think in terms of strategic and business goals and often ignore technical considerations. This is not wrong just acting on incomplete information.

      The problems occur when management no longer trust technical information sources.

      1. Fatman

        Re: Definitions (you have a typo)

        The last line should read:

        `The problems occur when management no longer HAS THE INTELLIGENCE TO trust technical information sources.`

        There, fixed for you!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Definitions

      They're this year's words for "realtime" and "batch".

    3. AVee

      Re: Definitions

      Operational databases are the ones where you loose money if a single record is missing or incorrect, analytical databases are the ones where the amount of errors only has to be low enough to be statistically insignificant. Storing your invoices in mongodb is a very, very dumb idea. Using a full blown Oracle installation when you want to know how popular a topic is on twitter is equally stupid.

      Tool, job etc...

  9. BlueGreen

    a hands-on perspective about mongo use

    courtesy of /.

    <>. PDF slideshow, more pix than text, easy read about what they went through. Dated sept. '11. Well worth it.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: a hands-on perspective about mongo use

      Indeed, very informative. People wanting simple and fast key/value storage for part of an application should look Postgres' H-store data-type.

      Another large-scale, write-heavy Postgres-based application:

      Still in operation and significantly scaled-up.

  10. midcapwarrior

    In relative terms, it has become the second-hottest skill to have on one's resume

    Fun with numbers.

    Start with a small base add a few new requests and now you have the second hottest.

  11. Neil 38

    Coming from a traditional relational database environment and trying to apply your experience to noSQL is not going to work. You need to throw away much of what you know and hold dear and understand some completely new concepts.

    The whole transactional isolation vs scalability debate can't be answered for every deployment scenario, however MongoDB provides a welcome middle-ground between isolation-free technologies like Cassandra and tightly controlled transaction isolation like Postgres. No doubt thanks to sponsors like FourSquare, Mongo has some solutions to very modern problems, such as geospatial indexing.

  12. Armando 123

    "it sets database technology back 25 years"

    Look, sometimes you don't NEED a big database. With my current project at work, we're working on things that don't always have all the data/information available, don't always have all cases similar (and this is modelling the real world, not a business process", and needs to be lightweight. Mongo fits; the data is so non-orthogonal that forcing it into a "real" database would force us to write around the database far more than writing features, enhancements, etc. The code would rot a LOT more quickly with a real DB.

    That being said, I've worked at places where you NEED that (911 system, military, drug allergy databases, etc). remember, it's about the right tool for the right job.

  13. 1Rafayal

    Intriguing, for nearly almost every negative post relating to MongoDB, there is a downvote for no reason.

    Is it possible that the MongoDB fanboi massive has taken offence to the general consensus of opinion on this article?

    Or, more realistically, are the Lizard People trying to engineer the situation into making us think that MongoDB is the way forward? This seems more likely, given the article in question...

    I wonder what the collective noun for a group of MongoDB fanbois is exactly?

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Well, high school is over for this summer, so you have to be forgiving.

  14. Tim Parker

    MongoDB is web-scale......

  15. Peter Murphy

    Can MongoDB do spatial data?

    These days, it's a dealbreaker for me: other DBs like Oracle and PostgreSQL+Postgis can do it. Turns out MongoDB can... up to a limited point:

    "MongoDB doesn't currently support indexing on anything other than points, and its spatial functions are limited to finding within bounds. "

    I think that's something that the MongoDB team should really investigate: support lines and polygons like other systems, and have R-tree indexes inside for quicker searches than B-tree indexes.

  16. david 12

    DB3+ replacement system

    And look, it is scripted with script!

    Not that I have anything against FoxPro or DBII, I just think it's amazing how the wheel gets re-invented round, after years of hearing that square wheels are better.

  17. MattK
    Black Helicopters

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