back to article Telefonica recruits EA to lure punters with games, deals

Telefonica Digital, the service branch of O2's owner, has signed a content deal with Electronic Arts in the hope of cementing customer relationships with bundled deals. The contract allows Telefonica Digital to create promotions based around EA games including The Sims, FIFA and Monopoly, with the stated intention of turning …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wait until...

    ... EA has them working 80 hours a week for peanuts.

    They'll be dreaming of Slough then.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Far Out Edutainment is a lot closer than ever imagined. Is that because you are slow and dim-witted?

    “By making a differentiated play in this most emotive and immersive entertainment medium we are fostering a much deeper connection with our customers – another significant step in becoming a true aggregator of experiences," says the canned statement, and while the offering is for O2 customers today the plan is clearly to spread beyond that base.

    And you aint seen nothing yet, for the alien gene genie is out of the perfumed garden bottle and programmed with a whole host of radical changes for virtually invisible interventions to input with output ......... AAA ZerodDay? ..... and which will all be selflessly shared here for the Register to metadatamine and exploit as it sees fit and proper, even should it not be so thought by others desperate to retain and maintain a status quo inequity and crooked lead position.

  3. A. Coatsworth


    Telefonica AND Electronic Arts? this couldn't be more evil if Google itself was part of the plan... who inked the contract, Beelzebub?

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