back to article IBM arms robo-sysadmin QRadar with virus know-how

IBM is beefing up its enterprise security offerings by creating a security platform that is aware of real-time virus information, meaning that the system will be much quicker at recognising new threats. Marketing its updated QRadar Security Intelligence Platform as a comprehensive security solution, IBM argue that the platform …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Sublime Stealthy Covert and Clandestine Virtual Lead Ops. with Special XSSXXXX Force Apps

    "Another key feature of the platform is additional data-crunching capacity – which will allow the monitoring and corroborating of suspicious activity across multiple different areas."

    Meanwhile, in another/other platforms are PrimedD Mentoring System monitoring and collaborating with suspicious activity across multiple different areas and at all executively administered levels/SCADA Sensitive Layers.

    With PerlyGatesPython Entangling PlaidD for Pretty Great Private Pirate Public Protection of Program Protocols and Proposed PhormedD Positions ........ Future IMPerfect Present Product Replacements...... with Novel Master Pilots Venturing into SMART AI Systems and Quantum Communication Control Systems Fields for Remote Utility Function in Outer Terrestrial CyberIntelAIgent Spheres of Influence ....... aka Advanced Beta Crash Control in WMU Leveraged Programs .........

  2. DJ Smiley

    Is this anything like the software on the stock exchanges...

    Which was meant to spot rogue traders.... except some of them (because they helped program it) knew that if you traded in the pattern it expected, you could fool it and carry on?

    Now.... all a good virus needs to do is monitor a user, and replicate them..... most users exchange data regularly so the virus could spread and nothing would be "abnormal"....

    Still, interesting use.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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