back to article EU probes 'nature of concerns' from Google rivals

UK-based vertical search engine Foundem – which spearheaded antitrust investigations into Google in the US and Europe – is patiently awaiting a response from competition officials in Brussels, who are meticulously scrutinising complaints from the internet giant's rivals. A 400-page statement of objections had been expected to …


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  1. petur

    Empty article?

    I'm wondering if there was anything newsworthy to report, it certainly looked hard to fill a page with nothingness....

    *looks at author name*

    oh right, more Google bashing...

  2. Is it me?

    It's difficult isn't it, we put Google where it is, we all use Google far more than any other search engine, and it's embedded in our DNA, like many other IT products, we have given it a defacto No.1.

    You can't expect Google to stop and say thanks for making us No. we'll now sit still untill something better comes along.

    Perhaps the solution is for the sites that Google spiders, to charge search providers for the right to search their site. I suspect you would then see Google get everything because they have all the money but....

    I actually like Yahoo, but I never get round to using it.

    1. DZ-Jay

      @Is it me?

      What is this "we" you speak of?

      1. Is it me?


        Vox Populi, who else

    2. Drew V.

      accident of history

      It is embedded pretty deeply into the public DNA (the majority of us, that is, as the numbers continue to show), but it is always debatable how much of this position Google truly deserves. Like Microsoft's position in desktop computing, to some extent it is merely an accident of history.

      Oh, and I use , which is based in the Netherlands, doesn't record IP addresses and has privacy certificates from the EU backing it up.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The Flip Side of the CHAOS QCoin

    "Earlier this month, the company confirmed it would begin slotting "personal results" from its social network directly into its search engine – a move that was met with a collective groan from many observers."

    And Greeted and Most Graciously Accepted as a Fabless AIdDevelopment with a Satisfying Sigh in Other Seers into HyperRadioProActive IT Participation of First Principal Principles.

    If you want to Fly CyberSpace Command and Control, Exercise the Passion that Deliver the Power for Control in Sticky Sweet Surrender ........ Voluntary Virtual Slave Submission at the Whim of Sensuous Sentient Beings?

    A little something for Spooky IntelAIgent Services to work on, embrace and energise with magnet hugs and Occupy hubs.

    And now we wait to see if there is alien life phorming in intelligence circles for CyberIntelAIgent Security Office Operations. What does the present UK head honcho for cyber security wish to declare is the current state of Internetional Preparedness for Future Coming Virtual Events?

    Would they plead ignorance or assure all that they have things well-covered and secured?

  4. Paul Shirley

    Foundems last gasp?

    Even if Google have been naughty, Foundem still don't have a case and I suspect this delay just reminded them the games about to end. So one last PR ejaculation before even the G haters start ignoring them.

    ...some companies simply don't need to exist.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "vertical search engine Foundem"?

    As per title: What the hell is a "vertical search engine"? One you can only use standing up?

    As opposed to Google which is presumably a "horizontal search engine", because I've definitely been able to access that before now, while lying abed.

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