back to article Report: SAS controller bug holding up Xeon E5 launch

Everyone was expecting for Intel to launch the "Sandy Bridge-EP" Xeon E5 processors back in September for delivery in the fourth quarter. Butfor reasons that Intel has never explained – much less admitted that this was the original launch schedule – the E5 processor and its related "Patsburg" chipset has been pushed out to an " …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    SMART Comment required for Future Systems Analyst Analysis ...

    ...... thus 42 Gauge Present Current State of ARG Play with Programmer Pilots Providing Driver Potential and Protocols in Simply Complex Lead Promotions in AI Projects with Creative Civil CyberSpace Contractors .... SMART Future Builders.

    "If there is a bug in the SAS controller implemented in the Patsburg chipset when used in conjunction with the Xeon E5s, by delaying the manufacturing and launch of the chipsets and boards, Intel could keep its books from being hit a second time by the SAS bug."

    And what do y'all imagine that tells the SAS controller of the efficacy of the bug methodology and about the quantum gates that IT controls and powers with them drivering in virtualised systems?

    And that is said and shared as perfectly as it needs to be, for those in that particular and peculiar know who would think they have a clearance that provides all that is needed to be known, for it shares and says everything that needs to be shared and said about what has been done and cannot be undone ……. and rather than being just a temporary glitch to hold up progress is rather more an abiding stealthy security services facility that mentors and monitors AI ProgramMING and Enigmatic Anomalous Phorming of Advanced Persistent Threats in IT for SMART Media Presentation with Future Protection.

    Who/What do you think tests Processors and Chipsets and Motherboards and Systems and Global Computerised Networks for Future FailSafe Secure InterNetworking Services with CodeD Cloud Control Layers? And please, let's get and keep it real here …. no alien quips without backup to prove the assertion beyond any shadow of doubt, ok?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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