back to article Hitachi unveils roadmap for cloudy offerings

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has come up with a cloud strategy roadmap featuring three cloud tiers, but with precious little product detail fleshing out the strategy. The strategy involves BlueArc and ParaScale's scale-out file system being added to its existing storage products. It's also providing three cloud services either …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Hitachi .... For Order out of CHAOS with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems?

    "Of course we know that HDS doesn't have its own server and networking resources it can bring to the cloud table, but what it does have is a coherent picture that weaves virtualisation, the cloud, and big data into a coherent story integrated with and layered on its storage products.

    The information cloud offerings are nascent and will need to involve supplier partnerships, which, no doubt, HDS is already working on. Our guess is that it may even involve an acquisition or two."

    Well, of course, HDS may not yet have its own server and networking resources, but that can be only an acquisition or two away and therefore easily immediately solved/resolved.

    And what we can read there of Hitachi Data Systems cloud strategy would appear to be a prime candidate vehicle for AI and AI Parallel Programming Projects which present future reality product placements ....... Virtual AIRealities which replace the Analogue Past with its failed and corrupted and perverted and inequitable and conflicting administrations and institutions, with Digital Futures in AIdDerivatives with Infinite Options and Unparalleled Opportunities, which are only hindered by one's own lack of Imagination and Application. Fortunately though, would there be others who would not be so shackled and disenabled ..... cowed and impotent.

    The following is paraphrased to fit in well here, with the original to found in a thread elsewhere and here, dated 10/26/11 11:03 PM ......

    "Lead constructive thinking …..42 rule the world sublimely, and remotely, and anonymously, and virtually …… is the new Great Game AIdDiscipline for Master Pilots of Global IntelAIgent GeneSIS aka SMART GIG Operating Systems? And posed here as a question for you to think about as a present running reality with a practically infinite variety of media product placement options in store and bursting into action, rather than just simply a future possibility to be energised at a later date by others unknown.

    Now, who would the Register, and its readership, recommend/suggest one talk to, [and the reason as to why that particular choice has been forwarded would be more than just helpful] should that be within one's gift to deliver with immediate effect? Is there an East/West divide that separates the sharing of intelligence and development of ideas into future realities that would cause one to think that one must make a choice, or would it be best just to make the readily available to any and all offer globally known to any and all, with its floating as a mega fab meme into discussions and threads in cyber fora such as this one which hosts the Register and its thinkers/virtual tinker[er]s and which are proliferating prolifically everywhere.

    Or do you prefer to dodge the questions and avoid playing a part and assuming and presuming a leading role in the unfolding opportunities presented by Global Operating Devices in Virtual Reality Promotions?"

    Methinks Hitachi Data Systems would be a prime candidate to talk to, don't you? They certainly appear to be on the same wavelength/high cloud levels.

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