back to article Lenovo to swallow German PC giant

Chinese PC maker Lenovo has agreed to acquire German consumer electronics and PC manufacturer Medion in a move that it says will double its market share in Germany, making it the third-largest PC company in that country. "This agreement represents another bold move for Lenovo to realize its long-term strategy," said Lenovo …


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  1. Jon Smit

    Not only Germany

    Medion has a presence in the UK. Their products are/have been available through the no frills supermarket lidl & Aldi. Now they've moved up market to Sainsburys.

  2. Marvin the Martian

    This is madness!

    Top of the market, meet bottom.

    What next? In the UK, Apple buys Advent?!

  3. Art Kavanagh


    Two of my relatives have bought Medion computers in Aldi. In my limited experience, they tend to have fairly impressive specifications combined with disappointing build quality and components (e.g. keyboards, screens). Will Lenovo take them upmarket, in terms of quality if not price?

    1. Elmer Phud

      cheep and cheerful?

      With most cheap packages they often fail in the keyboard and screen department. (I'm still using a small but heavy duty Compaq keyboard as I'm heavy -handed)

      I've considered getting an Aldi special while aslo realising that there has to be something cheap and nasty or it wouldn't be cheap - you don't go to Aldi and expect M&S food.

      I'd get rid of at least half the bundled software as I'd already be using something similar but free and possibly better.

      I do wish Medion would have slighly larger cases for thier memory sticks , they are cheap but I keep losing them

      1. ObSolutions, Inc

        Happy with mine

        FWIW, I'm quite happy with my Medion PC. I would never have given it a second thought, except that one sunday afternoon Murphy struck at the worst possible time, and I needed a replacement NOW. Ran to my local Aldi just before closing time, and godt what seemed a good deal.

        In what must now be about three years, I've been somewhat surprised to tell friends and colleagues "it just worked, and it keeps on just working". I consider myself a professional user (programmer), and I do a bit of gaming too.

        Granted, I immediately replaced the keyboard and the mouse with the somewhat better versions I had sitting around.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Hopefully cheaper and still cheerful

      Lenovo has their cheap and cheerful Edge series which will give the Aldi specials a run. Hopefully this won't affect the pricing of the Medions.

      I have been a Medion user since 2002 and the do have very good specifications and they are easy to upgrade bits.

      Batteries on these things or power management is horrible. On my third Medion laptop. First was a P4 and the power management gave up, after a capacitor blew on the board. Second was a core 2, but the battery gave up and will not charge above 70% and goes flat in 30 minutes. Still works as a desktop. Now I have an i5. So far so good.

      I find it worth the price. If anything, when my house got broken into, the thieves didn't even bother to nick it.

  4. Ilgaz

    It isn't automatic

    If you buy a German company or Swedish company, you don't automatically get their marketshare. Check what happened to Volvo.

    Thankfully Lenovo is known not to destroy a brand they acquire, thinkpad/IBM is a major player in business and they still carry on their own style.

  5. Davidoff

    German manufacturer

    Medion is certainly no German manufacturer. It is an assembler who puts together stock standard chinese parts and sticks either a Medion or some other label on it (Medion is also assembling low-end consumer PCs for other brands). Often they approach the asian component manufacturers and have them build spec'd down OEM components for them. For example, to build Nvidia cards with a low end GPU but with a card ID that to the clueless customer look like something great (Medion's sales concept is to offer paper specs which look great but which are not much better than any other low-end consumer PC, together with a shitload of software that for most part is either limited or simply useless (or both).

    The last real German PC manufacturer was Fujitsu-Siemens who actually manufactured mainboards and complete PCs in Germany. However, this was only for their business line of PCs, most of their consumer crap (Amilo etc) was made by Medion and other OEMs.

    Don't know how much changed since Siemens left the company, though.

  6. Andus McCoatover

    At least they're honest....

    "making it the third-largest PC company in that country."

    I can't understand outfits that proudly announce "with this acquisition, we'll be amongst the top 7 companies in the business".

    i.e., 7th.

  7. Christian Berger

    What fascinates me about Medion

    They only put together pre made parts, yet still manage to get computers unreliable. Ohh and for some reason they mirror their mainboards on some machines so you cannot replace them.

    Swallowing a load of crap surely isn't going to be good for Lenovo's reputation.

    1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

      "mirror the mainboard"

      I presume that you mean that the PCI cards appear on the 'wrong' end of the board, and also that the case opens on the 'wrong' side. Chances are these were systems with BTX (as opposed to ATX-type) motherboards, that were supposed to mark a new integration of board and case design to allow better cooling. It was an Intel specification. Gateway and Dell produced several systems using them.

      Absolute bugger to try and find a replacement, because nobody makes them any more.

  8. Bo Pedersen

    actually a great company to get some high end kit from

    Medion re-brand some MSI laptops at cheap prices

    the high end gaming range is certainly worth a look, with the only noticable alteration being Blue lighting instead of red.

    I know I am considering something with a mobile GTX460 on board.

    the standard comment of "business as usual" won't last, it never does, just look at how much the quality of e-machines laptops have improved since the Gateway>>>Acer buyouts.

  9. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Stealth v4.2 for a Remarkable SMART Race behind a Great Fire Wall?

    I wonder if Lenovo [China] are more than just a little interested in Computer Control of Clouds and/or Cloud Control of Computers, so that they have ready, custom made access which easily and effortlessly exercises an Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Power in Global Communications Head Quarters?

    And I wonder who/what would be their lead POC in the PRC? Their Mr Big, or even more engagingly, their Ms Bigs in the field? :-)

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