back to article Apple cloud strategy changes with the weather

Apple is looking to build up its cloud computing engineering team. Or maybe not. A discreet ad looking for a cloud engineer was spotted yesterday by Apple Insider. The ad, as reproduced by Apple Insider, calls for a "cloud systems software engineer" for a "full time" position in which the successful candidate(s) will get to " …


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  1. SuccessCase


    Come on Reg. This is just drivel, equating a change of mid-level specification in a job advert to a change in corporate strategy is just plain dumb.

  2. Herba


    Thats a lot of speculation over a job advert. I am pretty confident Apple has a very specific plan for there N. Carolina plant and its cloud services.

    We will know when they annonced it... but so far pretty much nothing has leak indeed.

  3. blodwyn

    Article title should read....

    Guesses by journalists about Apple cloud strategy change with the weather

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Resounding Yes?

    Is an Apple "cloud systems software engineer" the same as a Cabinet Office "SCS2 Executive Director Digital", only different .... ergo does mastery at one, deliver a pilot's license in the other? .....

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