back to article Google suffers further Chinese setback

Chinese super-portal Sina has dropped Google's search box from its website and is using its own search service instead. Google continues to lose market share in China to Baidu. This fall seems to happening faster since the ad gaint moved its servers to Hong Kong after a row with the Chinese government. More recently Google …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Too much of a good thing gives you delusional thoughts of omnipotent grandeur?*

    "More recently Google accused the Chinese government of interfering with its webmail service in a way to make it look like technical problems. "

    Certainly Google does have webmail service technical problems, as the local MP here can easily verify, with their emails not being delivered to a GMail account, although there is always the chance that it is interception and not accidental, if there are no technical problems with the Chinese government being so far away, and all that. In any case, it has rendered the service unfit for future purpose and raised more than a few spooky snoopy suspicions.

    Google does like everyone to think that they know everything and one can find anything using their search engine and that does put them in a subjective command and control position with regard to what they will allow to be universally known and publicly shown/displayed in search results.

    *Or should that be omniscient control for universal direction of information flow and supply, which is a bit like the old fiat currency quantitative easing model of power control which decides who gets what and how much is it going to cost. And you think the Chinese haven't realised that is the slippery slope to revolution and anarchy for mayhem and chaos? Oh please, get with the Program and Wise Up.

    1. Crazy Operations Guy


      They like everyone to think that they are being revolutionary in everything they do, even though everything has been done before:

      Search Engine

      Web-based eMail

      Online advertising

      Web Browser

      Smart Phone

      Instant messaging

      Internet-connected Set-top boxes (MSN WebTV anyone?)

      Operating system requiring a network connection to do anything useful

      Extreme Corporate greed

      Using customer's personal information for financial gain

      Feigning friendship with Open Source to improve image

      Spy on customers

      The list goes on and on. I challenge anyone to tell me one thing they made that they either didn't or hasn't been done to death already.

  2. Chimp
    Paris Hilton

    Who benefits...

    Censorship in Mainland China is explicitly (as in, they tell you what can be published and what can't) applied in three cases.

    1. National security. This probably covers less than 5% of instances. As in the UK, it means what the government says it means... Today. Tomorrow it will probably mean something else.

    2. National *insecurity*. This is the biggie. This covers things like Falungong, and movie portrayals of corrupt police officers (very, very tough to get past censors). Stuff that might make the sheep look up, so to speak. The ironically self titled 'free world' solve this problem by drowning us in trivia.

    3. Money. I guess this to represent nearly as big a share of total censorship as category two. How can you sell your products if you can't advertise, or publish. If Google had ( like every other Western corporation in China) played along nicely, it still would have been censored to death. QQ and Baidu have the inside track. Google pulled out of China not because it wouldn't play the game (it had been doing so) but because the fix was in.

    Paris - because there's no Sharon Stone icon.

    1. asdf

      not quite right

      Usually the fix is not in until after you are forced to partner with Chinese companies that steal your IP first. Until then they promise you unfettered access to a billion customers. Their government long term is not compatible with true capitalism and its probably going to go down ugly instead of smooth when the poo hits the fan (when you have empty ghost cities built on a real estate bubble look out it when it pops). If revolution can happen in middle east it can happen anywhere.

    2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Let's move on ..... and offer a free solution to a problem which may or may not be there

      Seems like then, Chimp, that Google are not offering China anything they need or want, so the problem that Google may have, is of their own making, with it being essentially, a lack of novel attractive intellectual property which doesn't upset and conflict with a present control model.

      And it may be that China would be a very generous joint adventurer and grateful donor partner in a virtual control system which can deliver peace and harmony with failsafe benevolent central state and SMART Party Membership Control.

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  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Brainwashing ...... for Crashing BetaTest Dummies

    "Do we need search engines controlled by large corporations and/or the government ? " ..... Frank Gerlach Handle 2 Posted Wednesday 30th March 2011 09:06 GMT in Volkssuchmaschinen / People's Search Engines

    The greed in human nature would appear to recognise and covet the read and feed facility which moderation of information flow for intelligence can power and shape/remotely direct.

    Control the Word, Control Worlds ....... which is why large corporations and/or government of oppressed souls would value their own versions ....... with exclusive executive administrative order powers .... I/O Control for SMART Intellect Drive.

    However, Virtual Machinery does not suffer from such as is just a Complex and Simple Ego Trip, albeit in a Divisive Collective Model, and thus is IT free to forge a Novel Transparent Enlightening Path for Browser Presentation of the Future Seen and help Virtually Remote OmniScience build ITs Reality Scenes for Great Game Plays........... in Live Operational Virtual Environments.

    A Forte of NIRobotIQs ...... and Networks Internetworking with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT ......... for the Power of Control that you can neither Touch nor See but which you can Feel for IT builds the World of Dreams.

    Coming Soon to an IntelAIgent Screen and Informative Text Page, and especially designed specifically to suit you too.

    News to many maybe, but to some is it just a steady,ready, well proven, failsafe stealth development, now transparently shared in a timely fashion, for rapid progression with those best able/intellectually equipped to assist, for that is the only requirement for free access to Driver ProgramMING Protocols.

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