back to article EMC joins Storage Performance Council

In a few days' time, EMC will sign up and join the Storage Performance Council, notwithstanding how much it has dissed benchmarks in the past. The SPC produces storage array benchmarks which suppliers can run and so enable their kit to be compared on a level, albeit artificial, playing field with their competitors. EMC senior …


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  1. @chuckhollis

    I Knew You'd Dig That Old Post Up

    Hi Chris:

    Thanks, as always, for reminding me that the internet never forgets, and neither do you!

    After re-reading that old chestnut of a post, I still agree with many of the points I made back then.

    Although I'm not close to the details, I do know that you have to join the SPC to have access to their benchmark code. Another of the provisions is that members can't publish results from other members products without permission, so -- given past history -- that's useful as well.

    On a more pragmatic note, I am told that there are a handful of public agencies that now have it as a mandatory for RFP submission. And we both know there's no good that comes from arguing with government officials :)

    I don't know if I agree with your premise that we'll be entering a phase of benchmark wars. Although, I'm sure that would be very entertaining to some ...

    -- Chuck

    1. Lam Kuet Loong

      EMC in SPC

      Yes... Government agencies around the world and many customer has been asking this ... it such irony that EMC realize this opportunity lost and pain, agony cause to the ground folks arguing with customer why EMC do not participate in Benchmark.

      Personally, SPC is a good gauge for basic comparison and most of the time, customer may not achieve such figure publish in SPC due to the intensive tweaking.

      End of the day, the winning team is a complete solution that customer appreciate, the relationship, project implementation experience and post-sales experience that count the most.

      Anyway .. I am looking forward to what EMC will be publishing.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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