back to article OpenStack: 'There will be only one Ubuntu cloud'

The next version of Ubuntu will offer not one but two open source build-your-own cloud platforms: Eucalyptus and OpenStack. On Thursday, Canonical – the commercial operation that backs the Ubuntu Linux distro – officially announced that it would include OpenStack after offering Eucalyptus for a little over a year. But Jim Curry …


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  1. Neoc



    At home I have a number of PCs - some running windows, some running Linux - with various functions; webserver, mailserver, fileserver, torrent box. One of the problems I've always had is that most of the time, the power of the H/W is underused except for short periods of extreme uses. Add to it the fact that if the box that the webserver (for example) runs on goes down, there goes my in-house webservice. Annoying.

    A nice alternative would be to run a RAID-like array of H/W boxes, on which ran virtual machines (windows or Linux) which ran my services. This way, I could keep my services one to a "box" but would not loose said service if a power-supply decided to give up the ghost.

    Seems to me we're possibly there. Can anyone point me to a cook-book to do the above?

    1. sola

      Home cloud

      Nice idea but I don't see the need for Windows in this home-cloud environment.

      Maybe your desktop but everything else is better served with Linux. If you don't need Windows only software, than even your desktop is better served with Linux.

      I am not even sure that you can find a serious cloud software which runs on both Win and Linux. Openstack for example seems to have only a windows client.

      Not to mention the Windows licence fees if you want to properly own it.

      1. Neoc

        <sigh> there is always one.

        I am a strong Linux supporter (80% of my PCs run it)... but I am tired of these "you don't need windows" responses from Linux advocates.

        Yes, in the real world I still need Windows. If only to keep the wife happy. Or to run some Windows-only software that Wine still doesn't handle properly (one in particular, which I like using, causes the Wine window to darken a freeze for a few seconds every so often). The fact that *you* don't need Windows is irrelevant to *my* problem. My problem *as stated* involved Windows, and simply telling me *you* see no need for it doesn't help the Linux cause - it just makes you sound as bad as the Apple/Microsoft fanatics who insist nobody needs anything other than a Mac/Windows machine.

    2. moonraker

      Try VMware HA

      Yes there is. It's called VMware HA where you can use 2+ hardware to run multiple VMs and if one hardware dies HA will failover failed VM on adjacent hardware.

      1. Neoc

        Thank you

        I'll look into it.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Spooky Territory for Space Control Agents ..... a Shuttleworth Speciality Suite?*

    Seems like what you are looking for, Neoc, and everyone needs to maintain continuity of servering/services/servering of services, is a Cloud Power Supply which doesn't drain away and/or phish your IP and ISP .... Intellectual Property and Internet Server Provision.

    *And a NASA Code Hack? Houston, we have a problem. They're here, and have remote full access to Program Command and Control.

    1. Neoc


      aMfM - long time no read. ^_^

  3. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Xen is free, works well with linux and windows if you have a box with a VT capable chip - and can do a magic (well think it's clever) migrate between machines while they are running

  4. Chris 244

    You've got a loose box?

    Loose d=>not fixed firmly in place

    Lose d=>to suffer deprivation of

    1. Neoc


      Loose fingers made me lose the plot.

  5. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    There's more than one way to do it

    It doesn't make "much sense" to offer Gnome/KDE/Xfce desktops and Writer/Abiword choices either, but they do. Until /Canonical/, rather than OpenStack, start talking about dropping Eucalyptus, I'd say this was a non-story.

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