back to article Logica nets ten-year police deal

The Serious Organised Crime Agency has signed a ten-year deal with Logica to outsource its IT and case management systems. Alongside Logica, Detica, Qinetiq and Cable & Wireless will also provide the police with services. The £157m contract will give Soca improved ways to collaborate with partners, better use of intelligence …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Third World Banana Republic

    So Serious Organised Criminal Intelligence will be shared with Logica, Detica, Qinetiq and Cable & Wireless.

    Yeah, that sound like a typically good idea from Mr Plod. No danger of it being abused by dodgy third parties there, is there ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Try reading the article

    Where does it say that? Try engaging your brain. IT company staff have to be vetted before accessing Police information and access to it is monitored and controlled as any sensible person would expect.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge


      Wise up and don't be so naive, Menelaus. You think Bradley Manning wasn't vetted? S*** happens ..... all the time.

  3. Blitheringeejit
    Black Helicopters

    Plodgica - no conspiracy required

    Doesn't seem to matter how many times Logica screw up a public-sector IT contract, they keep getting invited back and required to accept millions more of our public poonds for their crappy services. Now they get to design the systems which decide who should be targeted as a serious and organised criminal.

    The problem is not that they are evil, it's that they are completely bloody useless. Rather than fitting up people who want to exercise freedoms that governments wish they didn't have to provide, Plodgica will end up kicking in the doors of completely random innocent people on a postcode lottery basis.

    So as a universally nice person who's always respectful towards authority (ahem), I'm now crapping myself.

    1. JimC

      >invited back...

      Not a question of invited back, tenders are published publically and anyone is allowed to bid for them. I don't believe they could be legally excluded.

      And its also not suprising that the low bidder tends to win the contract. Anything else is liable to result in accusations of corruption, even if it can be justified. And, sadly, "bunch of useless ****wits I wouldn't trust to run a p***-up in a Brewery does not count as justification, oherwise theres be a few different companies running stuff where I work.

      And is anyone really suprised that the lowest bidder doesn't always deliver a perfect service?

    2. M E H

      Surely shome mistake

      Name a public sector contract that Logica have screwed up?

      They have numerous public sector contracts that never make the news, presumably because they work well rather than good news management.

      Are you not mistaking them for Fujitsu, Accenture or Capita?

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Comments by Blitheringeejit

      Obviously you have worked for Logica before or have been on the receiving end and clearly know what they get up to.

      Good Luck to SOCA and what will be the new NCA.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let's not beat about the bush..

    Who would you prefer, HP, EDS, IBM, Capita, Serco, TCS, Fujitsu, CSC, Wipro, CAP, Steria....

    Name me a Tier 1 or 2 supplier that hasn't cocked up a bunch of IT contracts over time. I suspect our negative commentators have never worked in public sector IT, or even have the mildest conception of how organisations like this handle data.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Costly exercise

    Logica won through as cheapest supplier at the table not the most competent so I guess that will be the tax payer picking up the tab again when the costs start rising from day 1 to implement this one...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Great!

    Now the criminals outside the police service will be able to see the same data as those in it.

  7. despairing citizen

    Staff Vetting and Data Control

    Given the recent problems the police have had with intel being fed to serious crooks by (now a former) serving officer, how the hell are they going to enforce vetting and access with a service delivery partnership of Uncle Tom Cobbly and all?

    These sought of systems shouldn't be outsourced.

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