back to article Egos clash in Larry's Oracle locker room

Two of techs biggest names - and egos - traded shots on Wednesday over clouds and books. Oracle chief Larry Ellison roasted's chief executive Marc Benioff and slammed his service-as-a-service poster child, saying that the company runs "old" technology and that it polices customers' data using a "horrible" …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    It's worrying.

    This is the CEO of the company who produces the persistence layer of most banks, assurances, industries.

    It's not just embarrassing for his company, his talkative interventions are useless, have no follow-up or fan-base either.

    He appears to be just an arsehole, one with either a big boat or mouth.

    And the movie... Gosh!

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    All lost at sea ...and in clouds too.


    After reading that report, it is pretty clear that Larry still doesn't get the cloud. And that is real bad news for Oracle with its ..... well, one has to say dinosaur leadership figurehead.

  3. There's a bee in my bot net


    Can we just go back to letting Oracle be the elephant in the room?

    I preferred it when the only thing people said about Oracle was how expensive their software was.

    Wake me up when Oracle gives Java IP to the community...

  4. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Negative is positive, black is white, up is down, etc, etc.

    Larry's marketting seems to be completely negative nowadays - find a competitor, make headlines by publicly rubbishing their product (often without any technical merit to your argument), and then insist the Oracle alternative is much better (again with no technical argument in support, just because Larry says it's better). Larry really is showing the unappealling side of his saleman roots. It's not that I think the product/tcehnology is better than Oracle's Exalogic (TBH I don't know enough about the two seeing as they're not something I have had to get involved in), but Larry is only generating sympathy for his opponents by his continual attacks. Maybe he's hoping to drive up the share price so he can offload his shares at a profit?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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