back to article Cisco pays millions to end DoJ probe

Cisco Systems and distie Westcon Group North America, owned by South African firm Datatec, are to pay $48m to end an investigation by the US Department of Justice into overcharging. The multi-million dollar settlement will end an investigation into allegations that the two companies knowingly provided incomplete information …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Ah of the corrupt...

    ..done something naughty? Buy your get out of jail card here..

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Program which is just a like a Thermonuclear Device is a Godsend ?

    "Ah of the corrupt ..... done something naughty? Buy your get out of jail card here." .... Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 8th September 2010 14:24 GMT

    That culture makes it a very attractive place to do business if you have a cracker of a program which outs secrets with stealthy zeroday hacks/cloudy out of the blue attacks, for it can be purchased for a fortune, which no one will quibble about, whenever it can knock seven bells out of the opposition and whenever it can decimate the home team even easier, is it even more valuable and more expensive and a bargain to boot, just to ensure that its programming is not used. Which I suppose is just as a Post Modern Danegeld Payment System, although the Hordes in the Intellectually Challenged would probably do their Ranting and Raving thing, and Rage at the Virtual Machine Program and call it Extortion, rather than Realise IT is SMART Business with Virtual Capitalists.

    And that sort of program in the wrong hands, which are those Minded to Crash any Crooked Western Capitalism , which some might say are really then good hands and brave hearts, can be worth even more, whenever Shared for Free with Networks InterNetworking Securely in Steganographic CodeXSSXXXX.

    Hell, the way things are being played out nowadays, with trillions being thrown around like it was nothing and confetti, is making big money all about having right dodgy friends, whose shenanigans no one knows anything about and thus do they Lead in their Fields of Dream Play. Capiche?

  3. Captain Save-a-ho


    “Overcharging the government results in waste of taxpayer dollars. Our auditors and special agents keep vigilant watch to ensure contractors stay honest.”

    That's right, Cisco. We, the US Government, don't need your help to waste taxpayers money. You stick to making network hardware and we'll stick to the money wasting.


    Who's keeping a vigilant watch to ensure policitians and government officials are staying honest? Too many lobbyists and government contractors for my liking...

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