back to article Mozilla 'cloud' code editor breaks with Lando Calrissian

Mozilla's Bespin project – an open source effort to build a web-based code editor – has been rechristened Skywriter, and its official repository has been moved to GitHub so that developers can more easily fork the project. As the project approaches its 1.0 release, Mozilla is also working to move its entire architecture to …


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  1. Mage

    I don't quite understand

    But I'm leery of Cloudy Stuff.

    Also why javascript?


    1. Robert Forsyth

      Re: I don't quite understand

      it is web based - the programmers / developers use their browser to (group) edit the program source files.

  2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


    I mean, seriously.... Why?

    What's wrong with running 'your favourite text editor' locally?

    SciTE is pretty good and available on every platform I use, if stuff like vi/emacs isn't quite your cup of tea. Very user friendly and very customisable (ok, it's not like emacs but hey it's a pretty damned good effort).

    And like it or not, there are platform specific editors which may or may not be quite what you like, but they are there.

    Hell I'd rather use the windows text editor whatever it's called or nano than to use any 'cloud' editor.

  3. Charlie Clark Silver badge
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    DVCS Wars

    Moving from Mercurial to Git. Yeah, that really makes all the difference! NFT

  4. David 141

    It works - now what do I do with it?

    Works with El Reg, replaces the browser's basic editor for entering text.

    Kind-of wasted on plain text comments though.

  5. LuMan
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    Now, if there's a name that needs to reside somewhere in the Lucasverse, that name is definitely Dangoor!

  6. Chad H.


    Use the forks Luke?

  7. Martin Hargreaves


    Anyone else remember the old SGI system with that name?

  8. John 62


    I think I was aware of the planet Bespin, but when I first heard of the Mozilla project I pronounced it be-SPIN instead of bess-pin. duh.

    I for one, welcome our new Javascriptian overlords (but what's this for again? and when will it be able to bootstrap itself? i.e. Skywriter being hosted by Skywriter).

  9. Annakan

    good ideas and very wrong direction since the beginning

    The idea of collaborative editing is a GREAT one, something that only the mac "subethaedit" application does properly till now.

    Doing it "online" as long as you can run your own server could be a great plus.

    But this project has been re-spined, re-defined and re-named too many times.

    And a project that rewrites any part of its code base in another langage (and "inferior/inadequate", python is way more readable and robust to extend than javascript) for the sake of "code continuity / purity etc" is a sure sign of people laking practicality and common software project management wisdom and skills. In other words, people that have good ideas, great theoretical skills, probably coding brilliance, but no capability for long term planning and the unpleasant and sometime boring part of a project : i.e lab people.

    I predict a slow but sure fail.

    A pity, I had my eye on this project for a while.

    1. CD001

      It's all in the eyes


      python is way more readable and robust to extend than javascript


      Funny, to me, Python looks like a bastard lovechild of C and BASIC - I'm much happier in JavaScript (or Perl, PHP, Java or even C/C++) than Python.

      1. Annakan

        yes you obvisouly

        love to obfuscate your code have an awkward object model, and favor compact code over readable one, because, you know,. it is faster ;)

        All the langages you cite are notorious for being unreadable, obfuscated, sometime verbose at the same time (jave with its inverted noun/verm model) and none of them has been created for what it is used. (Java was created at first for embedded development, C++ is the bastard child of a glorified macro processor called C, perl is well .. perl lol (there is more than one way to do it wrong, and an object model even larry criticize ), and PhP is the langage that must be shut down every invocation, was never conceived to be used as it is now, hence the growing pains (PHP 6 ? ) )

        You are truly a curly brace developer. Through and through.

        I am not.

  10. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Skywriter Instant Messengers .... for Truly Professional LOVEnvironMentalists

    "it is web based - the programmers / developers use their browser to (group) edit the program source files." .... Re: I don't quite understand, Robert Forsyth Posted Monday 6th September 2010 23:18 GMT

    Err ...... you might like to consider that it is indeed web based with program source files also using the browser to edit the programmers/developers in a SMART, Mutually Beneficial, Virtual Monitoring and Mentorship Project ...... Civil CloudBasedD CyberSpace Operation, which will invariably and inevitably have DODgy MODified Bot Networks Phishing and Pharming and Providing ESpecial IntelAIgent Security Services and FailSafeGuards.

    It is though something, probably quite understandably so presently, which will not be publicly commented and/or elaborated upon, and to deny it whenever it is outed would be foolish and counterproductive in a field which does not countenance nor solicit either.

  11. Mr Grumblefish

    "Apparently, some people didn't like it."

    Yeah, should have been called Stratos.

    - a Star Trek fan

  12. Francis Irving

    Code wikis

    There are lots of reasons you might need to edit code in the browser. Tweaking HTML or Javascript in a CMS is an obvious one. Making an interface for making Firefox addons is another.

    Then there's more exotic code wikis, such as ScraperWiki for collaboratively developing and maintaining screen scrapers (that uses CodeMirror though)

  13. Sooty

    I wonder

    if it's related to the recent lawsuit by Lucas over jedi mind, a bit of pre-emption to avoid a similar suit.

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