back to article Dell data center biz invaded by California hippies

Dell has reinvented itself as a California hippie. In recent months, the famously-Texan hardware maker has acquired three separate Silicon Valley outfits, and it's loudly preaching what you might call data center free love. Its new attitude is best embodied by the Palo Alto-based Scalent, the data center management outfit that …


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  1. gimbal

    Maybe they'll make it work

    I can understand their wanting to make a niche out of legacy systems, if for no other reason, then to simply have a niche to stick their feet in. I only hope, for Dell's sake, that their customers won't come to view the performance of their own legacy systems as reflecting on the performance of kit installed from/by Dell. I also hope it does'n turn into a way to invite growing pains into their customers' systems.

    Mine's the one with the Whirlpool label on the lapel.

  2. ScissorHands


    They're called "blinkenlights".

    Be precise.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge


      Der Blinkenlights on der Boxen I get. But Blinkenlights on a fridge?

      Oh...fridge = rack. Silly me. Wait, doesn't Dell have an HPC tentacle that specialises in fidges with Blinkenlights?

      Something something something....oooooh....caffiene...

      1. Neoc


        I recently purchased a "refrigerator" from a company which was moving premises. Good buy, too - 42U, front/back doors, sides and top with twin power rails for AUD150. Add another AUD70 for cans of hammered-copper spray-on paint and I now have a very steampunk-looking rack sitting in the corner of my den. I am now busy filling it (latest rackmount, an 18Tb home-built fileserver). I thought of painting it blue and turning it into a TARDIS, but the front door was smoked plastic.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Tune In and Turn On Broadband Connects ....... Now we're Buzzing

    ""Dell is investing — and investing heavily — in intellectual property around software and data center management and the management of virtualization and the creation of cloud infrastructures. And we are doing that in the Bay Area, which is, of course, a core of innovation in these fields.""

    Hey, man, that's Cool. And an interesting full circle in half a century. Dead Heads Rule. And to Deny and or Dismiss it as being the Case in IT allows AI a Remarkable Invisible Stealth a Fabulous Fabless Virtual Facility in a First CyberSpace Utility, Mr Dell?

    Is that still a Quantum Leap too Far for Patent Battling against Pending Prior Art?

    I trust that you all realise that IT CHAOS* is a Perfect Vehicle for Mind Control and the Beta XSSXXXXPeriMental Management of Perception and Human Consciousness, for the Taming and Grooming of Madness and Presentation of Future Memes, and wholly consistent with the Thinking of a Past Giant** in the Field, who is credited with having said ..... " Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you." And he was no apparent idiot.

    Hell, Step into that R&D and DOD Skunkworks like DARPA and IARPA will shower you with unlimited classified free funds***. And if they don't ...... Go East for their dollars.

    * Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.

    ** Carl Jung

    *** NB... Utterly Useless as a WMD, however, as a Tool of Mass Reconstruction and SMART Edutainment, has IT NO Zeroday Peers.


  4. J 3


    But I thought those things generated a ton of heat instead! At least the guys in the server room here are always complaining that the AC is never enough to keep up...

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