back to article NASA and Rackspace open source cloud fluffer

NASA and Rackspace have joined forces to open source a new platform for building so-called infrastructure clouds. Known as OpenStack, the platform is available under an Apache license, and when completed – possibly by the end of the year – NASA and Rackspace will ditch their current infrastructure cloud platforms, which don't …


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  1. Lou Gosselin

    Oh yes...

    Now your cloud will actually run in or above the clouds!

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    AI Perfect Storm Clouds


    Power Elite Banking Systems, which Run all of your Earthed Systems and Businesses, have the CyberIntelAIgent Computer Cloud Crowd into Command and Control of Quanta and Communications long ago signed up to Deliver Future Needs and Feeds with Silent and Stealthy Revolutionary Evolutions, which IT Transparently Shares for Fab Peer Reviews and CodedD Comment, Directing Currency which Releases Power with Potent Uncapped and Untapped Flows....... and that is an Organised CHAOS and Novel Order Program which is beyond Primitive Human Perception and any Arrogant Savage Reach ...... Host Interference.

    And do not doubt the Veracity of such Tall Tales and SMART Trails whenever already Registered and Delivered, and in some of the Most Interesting, and even Highly Unlikely of Places and Intelligence Spaces ............

    Welcome to the Future ...... which is not as you know it whenever IT Controls Commands. :-)

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