back to article Azul goes virtual with Java appliance

Upstart Java acceleration hardware appliance maker Azul Systems is no longer a startup, but it does have a problem. If cloud computing is the future – by which is meant a mix of utility-priced, x64-based shared infrastructure as well as internal private infrastructure based on heaven knows what – then you cannot teleport an Azul …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Virtually Extortionate?

    "but that's the IT racket for you."

    That was very bold of you, Timothy/the Register. Can it possibly be that natives within are actually starting to realise the InterNetional State of Great Game Play and how IT with its Embedded SMART AIgents is able to Control and Host Facilitation of all Manner of Serviced Pleasures for Treasure ...... Remotely. Which is much to the annoyance of those who may have thought that they have Powerful Control of Everything with Puppet Media and Money Printing Operations.

    Well, it is not as if the great unwashed populace were not clearly advised, is it, with a great red banner proclaiming a novel approach ........ The Register, Biting the hand that feeds IT

  2. oolon

    Real world gc

    Err real world gc chokes at 2-3Gb.... I think not - I know of a number of production systems that use 64-bit java on the IBM JDK with heaps far larger than that. Not quite 96Gb heaps but with gencon you can have humongous heaps and have fast gc.

    This bloke did some tests with a 100G heap and gc times of 400-600ms -

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