back to article Ed Vaizey takes charge of Digital Economy Act

Jeremy Hunt's ministerial underling in the culture, Olympics, media and sport department - Ed Vaizey - has taken charge of overseeing the implementation of the Digital Economy Act. Last night it was confirmed by the government that Hunt would head up the coalition's plans for the country's broadband. He's taken on the brief to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    quote from his twitter page, 10 min ago from the time of this posting (2:36 PM)

    "For those of you 'concerned' about deleted tweets was just 'new job, new tweets' rather than to hide anything!!"

    I wonder why...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Right click DigitalEconomy-0.01a.docx

    Shift Delete...damn right I'm sure.

    Free the postcode database!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Lets all write to DAVe & Nick

    And see if we can get them to change the MandyBill into something a little less Big Business Friendly.

    1. OSC

      Writing to "Dave and Nick"

      The correct route to write to "Dave and Nick" is via your MP. If you write directly, then it becomes a "treat official".

      While it remains true that if you write via your MP an official will draft the reply, you stand a better chance (i.e., better than 0.0) of getting serious engagement if you can engage your MP.

      Don't rant, be cogent.

      And (for the third time by me) if open networks and no vendor lock-in are good enough for smart meters they're good enough for everything else.

      1. irish donkey

        My MP is Geoffrey Robinson - Labour

        I wrote to himew before the DEB went through. He wrote back with a very nice letter saying if your not a Pirate you have nothing to fear.

        And then didn't bother turning up to the debate. I don't think a letter to him will really help in this instance.

        Our local LibDem Canditate is a complete *uc*er who lost 6% of his vote in our area. He also has a mail order bride. So we the local electorate don't have a lot of confidence in him. Something the LibDems will have to sort out if they want win Coventry.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        Taking it up with the MPs

        Indeed. Time to put pressure on the MPs to act out the will of their constituents. Mine replied to me before the election saying they'd try to sort out Mandy Bill if they got in. Now they're in it's time for a few follow up "so, how's that going then?" letters ...

    2. Anonymous Coward

      E-mail addresses for David Cameron and Nick Clegg

      Here are the e-mail addresses for David Cameron, Nick Clegg and all the other new government ministers:

      So, get writing!!!

  4. Somerset John

    Bet there is no change.

    They should tear up the DEA and start again, without the input from mandy's good friends.

    Not that there is much chance of that happening.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    IT Should have been Royston Vasey!

    then just a case of a slight editing of the song title to "Who the F### is Mandy!"

    << cos he knows how to blow his own trumpet...

    1. John Smith 19 Gold badge


      Royston is his brother.

  6. David 45

    Lazy MP

    Wrote to my MP. Not something I do every day of the week but I was very concerned about the "wash-up" business and the way the bill seemed to be destined to slide through, un-debated, at the end of the parliamentary session but I never actually mentioned any bill content. Got a letter waffling on about photographer's rights, which I never even asked about and then........guess what.........he never bothered to vote either! Waste of space.

    1. El Richard Thomas

      MP not voting

      Maybe he received exactly the same number of letters in support of the bill as he did against it, and felt that the only way to enact the will of his constituents with a clear conscience was to abstain.

      However, back in the real world, he's probably just a useless, lazy twunt.

    2. Ben Raynes

      Funny you should mention this...

      ... I wrote to my MP about this too. Told her I thought it was a bad bill, poorly written, wouldn't actually help them sort out any of the things they were trying to sort etc. and that I was extremely concerned about the lack of scrutiny it had undergone.

      Got a letter back from her explaining that she would, under no circumstances, vote for a bill that hadn't been sufficiently debated.

      "Great," thinks I, "I've exercised my democratic rights. Huzzah."

      Day of the vote, I find out that not only has she voted for it, but she POSTED me a letter dated 2 days BEFORE the day of the vote explaining why she'd voted for it.

      Glad she's out of a job now. The dole office is just down the road love.

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