back to article CA rechristens self CA Technologies

CA has finally conceded that its name is rather silly if you're not the state of California. The company's new top brass have decided that from here on out, we should call it CA Technologies. The company has actually shelled out the millions needed to formally change its name. And even if it did, it will probably never shake …


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  1. The Unexpected Bill

    A new name? What for?

    How about calling themselves, oh, I don't know...

    Computer Associates?

    Mine's the one with the copy of CA/Kiplinger's Simply Money in it. (hey, it was the first product of theirs that sprang to mind for some reason -- dunno, never actually used it despite having a sealed in the box copy)

    1. barrysnow

      Computer Associates. Why not !!!???!!!

      OK, I've had it. What was so wrong with 'Computer Associates' ??

      The only names that needed to be changed were names like 'Wang', Kumar', 'Richards', and a few others. The company name NEVER NEEDED TO CHANGE. What a windfal for the PR and marketing firms that consulted on the company name change. That's a few million down the tube for what ??

      Let's seriously think about a name like CA Technologies.

      Google for 'CAT' and 'CATech' and 'CATechnologies' what did you really gain??

      1. There is already a company called C.A. Technologies

      2. CA Technologies to me sounds like California Technologies.

      3. If CA still stands for Computer Associates, then are you now Computer Associates Technologies ??? That just sounds wierd.

      4. How many office building signs, web sites, business cards, letterheads, and software code of the CA products are you going to have to change this time around.

      5. Quick before the ink is dry on those legal documents. . . .CHANGE YOUR NAME TO. . .


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ummm -- don't forget about dotCA

    California should really be the ones to change their two-letter state abreviation code as it conflicts with Canada's. So, yes Computer Associates sould change their name to avoid confusion with Canada but so should California as hierarchically I'd think countries trump states trump corporations.

    1. dr_forrester

      Countries trump states...

      Yes. And given that California was a country long before Canada was, it seems logical to give the historical priority to the Republic of California. Or people could just use a little common sense to figure out where a .ca site is from versus a - or is that too much to hope for?

    2. Chris Miller

      Lots of conflicts

      AL = Alaska/Albania

      AR = Arkansas/Argentina

      and that's just the 'A's'.

      But only countries get to have top-level domains. California has to use or - hence no conflict between Canada and California (shame, I'd pay to watch that - I take Canada to win after 8 rounds).

  3. Captain Save-a-ho

    So, instead of CA, it's not CAT?

    Why can't the rest of us find companies dumb enough to waste some of their money on us? And who comes up with this stupid shit?

    I would say it must be Thursday, but I know better.

  4. Alan Esworthy

    new nickname called for

    The company may be calling themselves CAT, but I'm calling them PUSSY.

    [Mine's the lab coat with LEGENT on the back]

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Let the CAT out

    Since when is CA a technology company? I thought they just bought other companies, fired all the support staff, and then made money hand over fist selling moribund software made successful by the original creators.

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Hidden Hoovers [J.Edgars]........ Beats as IT Sweeps as it Cleans Up the Slow Opposition?*

    ""collaborative community and website for IT professionals seeking insights into how to best use cloud computing to improve how IT supports business objectives," ..... aka a Deep Underground Covert MetaDataMine.

    Strangely enough, site registration with username and email address returns the usual notification to verify via an email sent to one's address, except there must be a glitch somewhere in that part of the operation as zilch has arrived allowing for some HyperRadioProActive collaboration in support of ITs business objectives. I'll check again later to see if things are as should be or whether they remain compromised, for one can hardly expect such a simple thing in such a sophisticated outfit as CA Technologies to be a mistake.

    * Always a good plan with and for new IP discoveries and technologies.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Why not call it 'Monday'?

    Nobody's using that...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Central Unified New Technology Services?

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