back to article Cloud to drive a quarter of server sales

The cloudy infrastructure bandwagon is so crammed full of server makers and cloud hosting providers that no one can see where it is heading. And so the box counters at IDC grabbed the reins this morning and gave them a good firm yank. The market researchers have just put together a server cloud computing forecast, called the …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Cloud Sale Drivers a Quarter of Servers.

    We should all realise that the Cloud is an Internet Driver and most probably also ITs Source Store ..... Future Content Generator ........ Knowledge Grinder/Pathfinder.

    And an especially forceful element in complementary contemporary component virtual systems of operation with Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Semantic Web and Virtual Machinery Control.

  2. Slimster
    Paris Hilton


    So it costs $4,500 for a document full of guesstimates and preditions that any experienced group of IT industry professionals could put together. I should buy shares in IDC...

    Paris - because she's the only one dumb enough to pony up for such a report (oh, and all those with a corporate subscription to IDC).

  3. Anonymous Coward

    fat pipes into the sky

    Love it or hate it, cloud computing is coming fast. I know from various decision makers in the Public Sector that its where they are being pushed. Doesnt take a brain surgeon to realise that it enables staff to be cut short term and further down the line its easier to then move to Unitary authorities..

    We know data security isnt an issue as people forget how their personal data was lost and will still vote as before come election time...

  4. Rogerborg

    I for one welcome our new Cloud overlords

    And look forward proactively to rightsizing my ultrastructure across Third Way solutionised macro ecosystems going forward through a timeboxed future-now.

    Lunch, anyone? The tab's on the taxpayers and shareholders. So's the joke.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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