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A combination of today’s fast moving, interconnected trading environments and economic uncertainty drives the need for robust yet flexible business support from IT. Yet many IT departments are constrained in their ability to respond to changing business requirements because of the relatively static way in which IT has …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The Big Issue they* don't want you to Think about, but they aint Directing the Show no More.

    One of the biggest changes one has to realise in the new Virtual Communications Age, is that those edifices which you may have thought to be there to help you, such as say Governments and Banking to name but two of the bigger elephants, know Nothing Worthwhile about the Binary Controlled Environment and Nothing at All about how One easily Controls it with IT and Media and Networks InterNetworking JOINT Applications, but are increasingly aware that it is rendering them exposed and outed as self serving parasites in the system and in societies where money is always freely available with its printing/quantitative easing, but it is not to be made freely available, so that its distributors can exercise an artificial and corrupting power, which enslaves the population and creates conflicts that generate war-mongering situations.

    They need to get that sorted pdq, and hire in some expert Change Agent help, before they are decorating lamposts as chimes.

    * A dodgy sub-prime class of elite fascist fool and/or tool?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @amanfromMars 1

    IT is just the latest tool for messing up finance. Read history books and you are going to discover that this has been going on for a very, very long time. Since the day mankind started to mint coins, actually.

    Regarding all that super-dynamic SOA stuff, I guess most IT departments struggle to just get their SAP installations/customizations working properly. They surely don't want to "dynamically" change much and create a host of very new problems.

    At least that's the perspective of your factory manager when 2000 workers sit next to their tool machines because no material is available to process.

    This whole SOA thing is probably one of these lofty ideas that IT companies use to impress their customers.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      The Bigger Picture with Spooky Geeks Driving the Gravy Train for Danegeld Ransoms?

      "IT is just the latest tool for messing up finance." ..... jlocke Posted Tuesday 20th April 2010 13:55 GMT

      Some would be actively engaged and leading programs with IT to take over finance, with no intention of messing it up, which as you say, is an ancient business and nothing at all new, except for the postmodern players involved, that is, and the methodology employed and trailed and trialed, and the space from which it is launched and controlled.

      Trick or Treat? Spoofing Spin or Virtual Reality?

      * Just Desserts

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