back to article NextIO teams with Fusion-io for 5TB flash SAN

NextIO has inked a deal with Fusion-io to produce a 5TB flash SAN to share flash storage between connected servers. NextIO started out as a producer of switches that virtualise PCIE connections and represent a bunch of servers with access to Fibre Channel, Ethernet, InfinBand etc through a single switched PCIe box. It then …


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  1. David Halko
    Dead Vulture

    Wow! Someone beats Sun by 6% a half year later!

    It seems a vendor has finally caught up to Sun's acceleration posted 6 months ago. The 1.6 million IOPS elephant in the room not mentioned by The Register was Oracle/Sun.

    It looks like Oracle/Sun F5100 released last year was beaten by 0.1 Million IOPS with an addition 1TB of flash!

    This really was a close specification comparison. It is good to see some competition (<10%) in the flash market. It looks like the required 25% flash a half year later.

    Very odd that that The Register did not mention the former market leader - the article looks more like a press release than a news article.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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