back to article IBM shadow looms over next Eclipse

The question of whether IBM wields too much influence over Eclipse is again in the air, with Foundation members critical of the first steps towards the platform's next release. Eclipse executive director Mike Milinkovich has responded to concerns over an apparent lack of diversity and of a railroading of technical decisions …


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  1. Brian

    makes sense

    If IBM is the only real contributer, obviously it is going to have an IBM slant to it. Duh.

  2. Alicia Trennel

    NETBEANS is the way to go.

    This is exactly why Sun was smart to build an independent community of developers, and NOT corporates, around NetBeans. More innovation, more performance and at the end of the day, way more independence than Eclipse.

  3. Laxman

    Netbeans is better,

    Plus, I find it funny to hear this. The eclipse guys always claimed that they have such a vibrant community around eclipse.

  4. JMcL

    Have to agree on Netbeans

    I've used both off and on over the past number of years, and until recently I'd have had a preference for Eclipse in terms of performance, flexibility etc. In version 6.0 however, Netbeans have produced a far better, more complete, IDE.

  5. Bruno Girin

    @the previous posters saying NetBeans is better

    Although I can't comment over whether NetBeans is better than Eclipse or not as I haven't used NetBeans for ages, the reason I stay on Eclipse is because a lot of the plugins I use are only available on that platform. Now, if Eclipse, NetBeans, Idea et al would come together and agree to a standard for plugins so that you could build IDE independant extensions, that would be great for developers and would foster competition. One can dream...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Forget about NetBeans and Eclipse

    Forget about all those GUIs whether it is NetBeans or Eclipse or IDEA or whatever !

    You only have two options:

    1. Emacs + OO-Browser

    2. vim/gvim

    Anything other then those two is just a waste of resources.

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