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The city of Manchester has been virtually recreated in Second Life presumably complete with grey, rainy skies and baggy-jeaned locals. Manchester legend Tony Wilson has joined in to help promote the city web 2.0 stylie and will be hosting the first ever awards ceremony in Sadville. Lucky him. Wilson, who was portrayed by Steve …


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  1. Pete James

    First thing they should build......... the M602 out of the miserable place.

  2. Simon Wharton

    And the dirty version is..

    The Big Chip is always a blast. Yes their some back slapping.

    yes there's some brown nosing but most of all, it's nerds drinking waay more than they can deal with. Like we will be doing it. Obviously Anthony F has stolen our concept as we'll be Twiterring and Flickring from the event as we slowly get more wasted. Not sure if this will do anything positive for the brand

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Off out ravin'

    Excelent, I'm off down the Hacienda2.0 for a night of raving with a handfull of Es1.0 (virtual drugs are for loosers!)

  4. BRYN

    The M602?

    Never heard of it, I think you mean the M62.

    Or do you mean the M606 that Leaves Bradford, an equally grotty grey place.

  5. Dan Moody


    I can understand people wanting the M602 re-created quickly, that leads out of Salford, not Machester.

    If they re-create Canal street, can they make the beer better?

  6. Simon Greenwood

    No, the M602

    It connects the M60 to Salford at junction 12, so saying that you can use it to leave is a bit of a misnomer, as you have to suffer the shuffling hell of the M60 to make for the M62 in either direction.

  7. andy gibson

    The M602

    The M602 does indeed exist. It runs from the M62 / M60 orbital motorway but goes into Salford, not Manchester.

  8. BRYN

    I stand corrected (partially)

    thankyou for correctly me and my lack of knowledge of exits from Manchester. I will be sure to use them at some point as i usually cannot wait to leave there.

  9. galbak

    question for the manchester experts.....

    Are there any places in manchester that sell coffee, late at night, been there a few times over the past year, and only found bars after 8 o clock. they dont coffee btw.

  10. William Bronze badge

    To Bryn

    I am surprised at your lack of knowledge of exits from Manchester. Have you tried going out the same way you came in? And if you usually cannot wait to leave there, why not try and remember about all the happy times you wanted to stay. (If you can remember how you got there eh?)

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